Sunday, November 25, 2018

Li'l Rhody Runaround 2018 Video

Look at that - the year's almost over and I'm resurrecting this sad blog to post my video from Li'l Rhody.  Despite several big accomplishments in the last few months (Kilkenny 50 Mile Ridge Race and completing my NH 4000 footers) I've had no desire to blog.  Nor run in general it would seem.  Hopefully that'll all turn around soon.

Anyway few nagging injuries and apathy kept me from participating in Li'l Rhody this year but I did want to get out there a tape some of the race.  The course layout made it tough to record more than the start and one other section of the course but Matthew Walker was out taking footage as well and he was kind enough to share his files with me which really gave the video more variety.  The long bridge section, the rock scramble and the finish line shots all came from him.  Overall I thought the video came out pretty well.

There's still hope that I may get a write-up put together for the Kilkenny race.  Stay tuned.

Monday, April 9, 2018

White Mountain Weekend - April 6-7, 2018

I was able to get up to the Whites this past weekend.  Went up Thursday after work and came back Saturday afternoon.  It was a great trip that trashed my legs.  Mission accomplished, I guess.

Friday at 6 a.m. I went up Mt. Isolation.  It was cold but a bluebird morning and the views were great at the top.  I was a little nervous as there a bushwhack section that is often used in the winter - I ended up following a lesser used whack but it came out on the official trail all the same.  I was moving pretty well on this morning hike.  Isolation was #42 of the 4000 footers for me.

After a short rest at Pinkham Notch I drove a little further up Route 16 and hiked the Imp trail to Middle Carter (#43).  It didn't take long before the morning climbing caught up with me.  This was a tough ascent.  It was beginning to snow on the way up and it picked up as I went but luckily the temp was fairly mild and I never got cold.  I debated whether to continue on to South Carter or not - it added about a mile of trail and 1.5 miles of road to get back to the car.  Ultimately I decided to go for it since I was already up on the ridge and the climbing was more or less out of the way.  The trail was a little tough to follow at times as there were many blowdowns on the ridge.  By the time I got back to the road it was really snowing and had to be careful of traffic.  The drive back to Jackson was the diciest part of the day.

So it was a tough but great day of hiking.  24 miles / 7k elevation / 10.5 hours - that's a good day's effort and a fair gauge of my abilities right now.  I definitely have some more work to do.

Originally I had grand plans for Saturday morning - I had wanted Owl's Head for #44 but my legs were in rough shape.  Tight calves but it was discomfort behind the knees which was the worst part.  I had considered hiking Moosilauke but even that seemed ambitious.  As I was driving to the other side of the mountains in the morning I decided on Mt. Tecumseh.  It's fairly easy as 4ks go and I had never been to Waterville Valley so far as I could remember.  This ended up being a great choice.  There was 5-6 fresh inches of snow and I finally had a reason to bust out my snowshoes.  Plus there were lots of people hiking and it was nice to see other folks about spending the previous 10 hours of hiking by myself.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Belleville Pond 10k and Brrr-lingame Race Videos

Fell off the blog train again.  Trying to writing a summation of the weeks gone by but until then here are some videos I shot from the recent 4th Season Trail Series.  I had a lot of fun shooting these races - trying to figure out where to go to get footage was a interesting challenge.  The stabilizing gimbal I purchased now allows me to get some smooth action footage.  I'm happy with the end results.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 6: 2.5.17 - 2.11.17

Monday - 0 miles

Erm, my lower left outer leg has some pain today.  I'm guessing from yesterday's long run.  Decided to rest today.

Tuesday - West Greenwich, RI - 3 miles

More discomfort from the other leg.  Janky right ankle isn't doing too bad these days (though I still aggravate from time to time).  Annoyed to take another zero but it didn't feel that bad towards the end of the day and with some time to kill before picking up Ezri I opted to run some dark dirt roads in Big River.  Headlamp was necessary off the bat and there were some sneaky ice patches hidden under a very light layer of new snow.  Always a little freaky running here in the dark but no real leg issues.

Wednesday - Pawtucket, RI - 7 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)
A late morning snowstorm dropped probably 3/4" of snow up in Providence.  I went to lunch a little to run along the 10 Mile River bikepath.  Only a few hearty souls out but it was a joy to run in the storm.  Both lower legs didn't feel too bad.  Made it back to the car just before it turned to rain/sleet.  A few hours later the beautiful snow had been turned into a slushy mess.

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 8.5 miles

Working from home today so I got two runs in - five miles in DuVal in the morning and 3.5 in Carter Preserve in the afternoon.  Repeated some of the DuVal hills to maximize elevation at 900 feet and took it easy in Carter.  Lower legs feeling it this evening!

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 6 miles

Got out of the house early and went up to Wolf Hill for hill repeats on the Mary Mowry trail.  Wolf Hill was surprisingly icy - a reminder of how different conditions can be in the NW corner of RI.  Thankfully Mary Mowry wasn't too bad.  I went up six times, power hiking the first half and jogging the second.  A good workout and I only nearly wiped out twice.

Saturday - 0 miles

No running today but I did take some footage of the Old Mountain 5k.  Hopefully it will be ready soon.

In the late afternoon Ezri and I went to Rock Spot for some climbing.  She's an old pro at this by now but I've actually never been.  I went up one of the tall ones first which was a mistake - I'm afraid of heights and once I saw how high I climbed I freaked out a little.  After that we stuck to the shorter climbs on the second level.

Sunday - Exeter, RI - 12 miles

I woke up at 5 AM for my long run and almost bailed because who wants to run in the cold rain.  Glad I didn't because it turned out not to be so bad.  Went over to Arcadia and stuck mostly to dirt roads.  I figured they'd be in good condition but I was wrong.  Most of them were muddy messes - it was like running in sand!  It was worth it to get to the Ben Utter trail and Stepstone Falls - the water was as good as I've ever seen it with all the rain.  Glad I didn't bail and it ended up being a solid end to the week.

Weekly Mileage: 38  miles / YTD: 125.4 miles

Time on Feet: 6h 21m / YTD: 26h 54 m

Elevation: 4,358 feet / 17,767 feet