Monday, May 20, 2013

Banana Honey Rice Balls

As previously stated, Amanda just got me Feed Zone Portables, a book dedicated to making transportable food for the endurance athlete.  I took my first stab at it with their Banana Honey Rice Balls.  Here's my photo journal of the attempt.

The ingredient list is so simple even I had no trouble: sushi rice, honey, banana and walnuts (plus water for the rice.)

Rice and water goes into the rice cooker. 

The banana and walnuts are minced and then combined with the honey.

Mix 'em up and I could eat it as is.

Rice is done!  And they weren't kidding when they call it sticky rice.

Add the bananwalhoney concoction into the rice and mix it together.

Now the messy part.  I had to put saran wrap in my mold (I chose a muffin tray) and add the rice mixture until it's packed well.

Pull it out carefully and we have our first rice ball.

I ended up getting nine with the mold I used.  Recipe estimated I'd make 12-15 balls so I guess I'll use a smaller mold next time.

Bake 'em in the oven for about 18 minutes at 350.

Tasty test complete.  Verdict: Success! The banana and honey flavors are not front and center but the ball will definitely serve its purpose as an energy source.

164 calories / 1g fat / 36g carbs / 3g protein

Thanks for reading!


  1. YUM!! I love homemade snacks and fuel. I may actually try your recipe one of these days since it looks super easy, and Mark might actually eat it.

    Hope you post more of these :)

    1. Actually I just bought my own copy on Amazon (mostly because it has pretty pictures) so we'll see how it works out.

    2. Awesome. I think you'll enjoy the book. I tried out the rice ball on my run in BG yesterday and it was a great success.

  2. How long would you dare leave these sitting at room temperature (say, in a drop bag)? Thanks!

    1. What I did was freeze them. With all the water in the rice they stay frozen for a surprisingly long time. In fact I had to experiment to figure out when to begin to unthaw them as it takes awhile. I think for NipMuck last year I put a few in the fridge the night before and kept them in a small cooler bag as my dropbag. At that point they were thawed with no frozen center.

      Thanks for the question - I need to make some more of these things!

  3. Thanks for experimenting for us! Do you have any idea how long they keep when refrigerated?

    1. They probably won't keep for too long in the fridge, what with the banana and all. It's been quite a while since I made anything from that book - I need to give it another go as this is the most popular post on my blog by far!

  4. Do they freeze ok? I'd only need one or two per run and so otherwise it would be a load of wasted balls.

  5. They were okay to freeze. I took a few out of the freezer in the morning and they were good to go by my noon run. However I do think they were more prone to crumbling after they had been frozen.