Thursday, November 1, 2012

Running Log - 10.30.12 - 11.4.12

Tuesday - Smithfield, RI - 6.3 miles

Sandy came and went on Monday, knocking down smaller branches and leaving us without power since about 3PM on Monday but otherwise no worse for wear.  My wife is a fearsome planner and we were well situated to ride out the storm and the post-storm blackout.

The girls were all staying home again today but I was heading to the office so I opted to leave early and get a run in on the paths around Fidelity before work.  Big tree down on one section that I had to jump over and lots of wet leaves on the paths but otherwise no major debri. is hosting a 50 mile challenge this week.  This would be more than I've ever run in a week but I'm going to try to get it done.  I hope to hit the weekend with only 20 miles to go in order to make it doable.  We shall see.

Wednesday - Charlestown, RI - 6.2 miles

Still no power in Charlestown.  The entire town in out.  Getting up at 4:40 AM was easy thanks to a bright-ass moon and my cat jumping on me.   My headlamp has gotten more use indoors than out lately. 

The temperature was in the 50s and quite pleasant to run in.  Pretty quiet out there save for the occassional generator running.  I just took it easy and ran the local steets, checking out some of the downed trees.  Nothing major.  Saw power company guys working on a pole near the dump.  Maybe we'll have power when we get home tonight.  I'm not hopeful though.  My right foot was feeling sore through the second half of the run - hopefully it's nothing major.

Thursday- No Mo Runnin' For a Bit

Came home from dinner with friends last night to find that we finally had power restored.  Huzzah!  However my right foot was feeling a little "off" after yesterday's run.  I could feel a dull soreness running through it most of yesterday and again this morning when I woke up.  I've made the decision to take a break from running at least through the weekend.  Perhaps longer if needed.   It's still a few weeks until Lil Rhody and I want to let my feet heal up so I can make a good attempt at it.  It's a bummer but I know it's the right thing to do.

Weekly Mileage - 12.5 miles

Year to Date - 1067.2

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