Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Log: 11.19.12 - 11.25.12

I'm going to change up my weekly log up a bit and start mentioning any other forms of exercise that I do during the week.  I generally only run 3-4 days a week so I try to include other activities on those days I don't run.  It helps with my overall fitness and I think it makes me a better runner.

Monday - 0 miles

Tuesday - 0 miles

Ab Ripper X - 20 minutes.  My buddy lent me this video from his P90X series.  It's a 20 minute core workout which has some brutally tough moves (at least for me.)

Saw my primary care doc about my ankle.  Since I can walk and run (on even surfaces) without pain, he didn't think it was a stress fracture.  Likely my ligaments in my foot are just stretched out from rolling it so many times.  This creates a chain reaction - my loose ligaments mean I'm more likely to roll my ankle which makes them looser still.  He says that so long as I can run without pain I'm fine to keep running.  I'm going to get an X-ray done and then see a Ortho sports doc in a few weeks to get an expert opinion.

So I'm going to ease back into road runs in a few days.  But I'm staying of the woods for awhile.  In fact, let it be known that I will not run on a trail for 3+ weeks!  The trail run moratorium will last until at least Wednesday, December 12th.  I know I've made proclamations like this in the past but this time I mean it damnit!  If all goes well perhaps I'll still be able to run the Old Mountain 5k.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Thursday - 0 miles

Ab Ripper X - 20 minutes. 
30 Day Shred workout video - 20 minutes.  Man, my upper body strength is sad. 
6 miles on Amanda's bike to get some cardio in.  Sadly I really don't know the gears on a bike work and she told me afterwards that I was in the wrong gear for going up hill.  No wonder my thighs felt like I surgically grafted 2x4s into them.  I am a bicycle noob.

I then had a delicious Thanksgiving meal of delights with my wife's family in Jamestown followed by a short walk before attacking the dessert spread.

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 4.1 miles

My first run since my blunders at Li'l Rhody.  Throughout the week my right foot has felt achy at times but never painful.   Today was just a short run around the Fidelity campus.  Foot felt sore and uncomfortable for a while but otherwise okay.

Saturday - 0 miles

Did some wood choppin' late in the day.  An honest way to spend an hour as the sun sets and dusk settles in.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 13.2 miles

It was light out by the time I left so I didn't need to worry about a headlamp.  I wanted to keep it at an 8 minute pace but after a few miles I ended up settling into around 7:45 miles.  I felt good and didn't feel like I was working hard so I stuck with it.

This is a good loop that took me past Worden's Pond, down Ministerial and then back towards Old Coach Rd.  After seeing Jonny's recent post about a possible mountain lion sighting in DuVal trail, I went into this long run ready for combat.  I carried my pocket knife in the key storage of my running glove.  If the beast showed itself we were going to throw down.  Sadly it was a no-show.

As I proceeded back down Old Coach I saw that I was going to hit half-marathon distance and that I was closing in on my 13.1 PR.  I pushed the pace on the last mile and ended up getting a new PR (according to Garmin) of 1:42:45 - 40 seconds better than last month's effort.  I'm eyeing the March Ocean's Run 1/2 Marathon in Matunuck as an opportunity to smash my 1/2 PR.  1:35 perhaps?

No pain whatsover in my foot during or after this long run which is excellent news.  The trail moratorium continues!

Weekly mileage: 17.3 miles

Year to date: 1,145 miles


  1. Spent my T-day feast in Jamestown also. Are there trails to run there?
    When I rolled my ankle badly in spring, it was a few weeks before it was back to normal. Keep to your moratorium and hope to see you out there on 12/9 or 12/16, or both.

    1. I don't spend much time on Jamestown but I have to think there are some trails there. Maybe down towards the Beavertail area?

  2. Enjoyed the write up on Sunday's run. It's a good feeling when your easy pace gets faster. When my bros first ran in Pisgah NH they would carry protection from bears. Funny stuff. Don't go too crazy on the ab work like Tommy 5K....

  3. Seth, Ocean 1/2 (if still the same course) is a good one. Good choice. You'll kill it. Flat and really fast. It used to be in September. Thanks for informing me that it moved to March. That is a perfect test before an April marathon!

    1. Yeah, I think it's the same course. I ran it in 2011 - it was my first half and the longest I had ever run. Didn't run it this year as it was a week before NipMuck.

      I'm glad they moved it to March. There are so many other races in September/October that it was probably tough to draw a lot of runners.