Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Log: 6.23.14 - 6.29.14

And so we come to the end of June.  I said that this would be a do-what-I-feel month and I've stuck to that.  Only one long run for the month thus far and no races to speak of.  It looks like I'll be breaking 1000 miles for the first half of 2014 so I'm right on pace for 2000 for the year.  This last week promises to be busy, busy, busy as next week is the return of Vacation Awesomesauce.  I'm probably more excited than anyone else but I've got a lot to do at home and in the office before we can depart.

Monday - East Providence, RI - 3 miles

110 push-ups (standard/military/wide) 40/30/40

My calves have been quite sore over the last two days.  After 16 miles on Saturday morning, I tied one on in the afternoon.  I was fairly hungover on Sunday and I think the dehydration really prompted the soreness in my calves.  I debated just taking the day off but ultimately figured a few easy miles would help loosen 'em up.  I ran over the bridge and through the Blackstone Park trails before returning to the office and banging out a few push-ups.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 10.2 miles

170 push-ups (standard/decline/wide) 40/30/40/40/20

At lunch, a bunch of push-ups.  Then a few very easy miles.  Calves finally feel back to normal.

After work, I ventured over to the East Bay Bike Path for another tempo run.  Legs felt good right off the bat and I picked up the pace quickly.  The cross wind from the bay was powerful and I had to work hard against it.  I stopped briefly in Riverside to stretch and then turned around, picking up the pace to 6 minute miles.  I got into a focused, rhythmic breathing and was moving very well.  I kept pushing the pace along the water and when the path veered uphill/inland I continued to push but once I crested the hill I was beat.  Slow and steady the rest of the way to the car.

Wednesday - Seekonk, MA - 5.1 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

It was mid-80's today and super muggy.  The air was thick and oppressive.  Nevertheless I stuck to my plan of easy miles in the Seekonk Meadows.  I decided to test run the waist pack that I'll be bringing up to New Hampshire (it's not a fanny pack Jonny!  There are many pockets!)  The humid heat really sapped my energy.  I had put a water bottle in the pack to add some weight to it but I had drank it all by the end.  Pretty tiring conditions but the pack should work well in the Whites.

Thursday - Rome Point, North Kingstown, RI - 4.7 miles

300 push-ups (standard/military/decline/Pike's Press) 50/30/30/15/50/30/40/15/40

I had band practice in the evening (we'll be at the Greenwich Hotel in E.G. on the 11th.  Come out!)  I stopped at Rome Point beforehand and it looked like thunderstorms had passed through.  Everything was wet and there were puddles everywhere.  The air was nice and cool.  Good run.  Wore my MT00s which I've been wearing without socks.  They drain so well.  I was enjoying the evening run but my calves began to feel sore so I cut it a few miles short.

Friday - Charlestown, RI/Seekonk, RI - 11.5 miles

Dog Jog in the morning.  In the afternoon I went over the Seekonk Track.  The plan was a ladder - 200 / 400 / 800 / 400 / 200 - three in each set.  It was hot and sunny but there was wind which, while made one side of the track a bear, also kept the temperature reasonable.  Right from the get-go I didn't have much oomph and I definitely wasn't giving it 100%.  Still the pace picked up as I went and I'm glad I got it done.

Saturday -  0 miles

Packing up and getting ready for our vacation.  Then my Uncle Jimmy and his lady came into town from the Virgin Islands and took us and my mom out for a great lunch at the Breachway Grill.  Then we went to Miriam's dance recital where she did great.  Finally back home to finish packing.

Sunday - 0 miles

Woke up early and hit the road by 5:45.  Arrived in the lovely Glen, NH by 11 AM.  Went to Moat Mountain for lunch and had my usual beef brisket sandwich.  I love that thing.  Also a couple beers.  Then back home before attempting to hit the outlets...all closed.  Damn Sunday.  Well at least we bought groceries for the week.   I still amazed when I can buy beer in a supermarket.  Ezri was a bit of a grump throughout the day.  Let's hope it's not an indication of what's to come.

1x Moat Mountain East Intervale IPA
1x Moat Mountain Slow Chair Trippel
2x Moat Mountain Iron Mike Pale Ale

Weekly Mileage: 34.7 miles

Year to Date: 1,022.3 miles

No running this weekend but that's alright as the rest is probably necessary.  I expect I'll be topping my last two months of elevation with the next week of vacation.


  1. Are you gonna top your beer totals from last year? The diversity was commendable.