Friday, April 21, 2017

I'm Now Devoting My Life to Desserts

Time for an update on the life and times of Seth.

It's been 3.5 weeks since I last ran.  I stopped because of an ache deep in my lower left leg and a pain on the top of my left foot.  The ache seemed to be a direct result of running and I've only felt it once or twice in this downtime.  The foot pain is another matter - it continued to hurt during this period and I'm wondering if it could be a broken/fractured bone.  I suppose it's time to get it looked at.

About the same time I stopped running I also started to get some chronic neck/back pain.  Yoga and planks/push-ups have also been put on the sideline in the hopes that would improve things in this department but apparently not.  Since the foot continued to hurt I went back to sitting behind my desk at work for the first time since March of 2015.  Two weeks of sitting didn't seem to improve my foot though and made my neck/back feel worse than ever.

So I'm back to standing behind my desk.

Because of these various ailments, I decided to pursue a new direction in life.  Thanks to Easter and my birthday last week I was blessed with a copious variety of desserts.  I made an effort to become an Eater of Desserts.  Instead of wasting time running or doing yoga, I would now be focusing my efforts on consuming ice cream, cakes and brownies.  I ate ice cream cake (my favorite) for six straight days until it was gone.  I also consumed a pan of thick brownies, some wandies and many of those little chalky eggs that are filled with chocolate.  I was sad when the ice cream cake was gone but luckily the following day we celebrated Amanda's birthday where I ate two ice cream cones.

Sadly I felt like hot garbage after the cones and had to once again reconsider my life goals.  I don't think I have the fortitude to consume these delicious treats with the gusto and consistency that an Eater of Dessert must have.

And so I soldier on.  I'm seeing a chiropractor next week about my back and I'm going to make an appointment about my foot.  In the meantime I plan to continue to dabble with dessert but at a recreational level.


  1. Get healthy or unhealthy. Whichever direction you choose, I will support.

  2. Great post! Your new direction in life certainly sounds like a lot of fun, coming from someone with a sweet tooth weakness.
    Do you envision any dessert consumption charts or stats becoming a feature on this blog?

  3. Damn you are a mess. I'm sorry.