Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly Log: 3.27.17 - 4.2.17

Monday - Seekonk, MA - 7.8 miles

A cold rainy day but I was determined to get out there.  I parked at the Wheeler School in Seekonk and ran a somewhat new loop.  It was raining from the get go and I didn't have much oomph but I soldiered on.  The rain eventually tapered out for the mid-miles but my legs never found any life.  With three miles to go the sky opened up and I was truly soaked.  More cars than I expected on these quiet roads but I was glad to get this one done and over with.

Later in the afternoon that ache in my lower leg came back - I had hoped that I had it licked but apparently not.

Tuesday - 0 miles

7 minutes of planks (longest - 4:20)

I went to lunch yoga - not my best session.  We did a bunch of moves I'm not familiar with and I felt like I was floundering throughout.

Wednesday - 0 miles

8:30 minutes of planks (longest - 3:02)

Ugh.  My left leg is all achey today.  The ache's coming from the shin I guess.  I guess even yoga makes things worse now.  I was going to do some easy trail miles but what's the point?  Better rest it and see if tomorrow's any better.

Thursday - East Providence, RI - 2 miles

So there seems to be two separate issues with my janky left leg.  There's the dull ache emanating from the shin/outside lower leg and then there is the ankle/upper foot pain.  This morning I woke up with the ankle pain.  I could feel it on and off throughout the day.  I went for a walk at lunch and it was noticeable at times.  Not promising.  I'm fairly committed now to taking some time off to hopefully let this deteriorating appendage heal up.  I had once grand plans for this April with my return to ultrarunning but instead it looks like I may be opting for a longer lull to let this heal up.  It's unfortunate but there's no point in ignoring/denying the issues I'm feeling.

Friday - 0 miles

8 minutes of planks (longest - 3:02)
145 push-ups (standard/wide)

I woke up intermittently through the night and could feel the ankle aching.  Let the gluttony and rest commence!

Saturday - 0 miles

April Fools Day, my most hated of days.  I'm way too gullible and easy to fool.  Ezri almost tricked me into eating a dog treat thinking it was an oyster cracker.  I realized at the last second.  In honor of the day, I'm now renaming this blog Janks and Pranks.  I hope everyone enjoys the new direction.

Sunday - 0 miles

Welp, the dull ache in my leg/shin hasn't been noticeable since my last run on Monday.  But the ankle soreness has lingered which is strange.  I plan on resting for the next week and taking it from there.

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