Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekly Log: 12.10.12 - 12.16.12

Monday - 0 miles

It was raining pretty hard in the morning which was a good enough excuse to skip my run.  Legs are actually pretty sore from yesterday's race.

Tuesday - 0 miles

P90X Chest & Back (60 minutes)
Ab Ripper X (20 minute)

My janky right foot has been getting better.  I can roll it further onto the outside before the pain starts.   I had an appointment today to see a sports medicine ortho as I wanted to see what he would say.  Basically he echoed my primary care doc.  It's not a stress fracture.  It should get better with time.  He gave me a kickass ankle brace which I can wear over my sock that should stabilize the foot and help keep it from rolling.  We shall see.

Wednesday - 0 miles

P90X Plyometrics (60 minutes)

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 6.2 miles

It was cold and dark out there and I had no interest in running at 5:00 AM.  But after three days off I wanted to get a run in.  I also wanted to test out my new ankle brace on even ground before taking it into the woods.  The test was a success - no discomfort running in it. 

I ran at a pretty good clip up to Biscuit City Road where I turned around after three miles.  Right at the turn around there were green eyes looking at me.  Mountain lion?  No, I think it was a dog of some kind.  Still creepy and I kept looking over my shoulder for a couple minutes to make sure it wasn't following me.

I just signed up for the Old Mountain 5k Trail Race this Sunday.  Looking forward to racing with WTAC again.

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 4.3 miles

Ab Ripper X (20 minutes)

Did a short run this morning in the trails near Fidelity.  Took the old road/trail that leads to Rocky Hill Rd out and then ran the Hanton City trail back.  This is a nice wide trail with big hills and good footing.  I had my fancy schmancy ankle brace on and there were no issues with the foot.  A good sign.  It was nice running offroad in the cold with the bright sun.

Saturday - 0 miles

P90X Yoga X (90 minutes)

Sunday - Old Mountain Field 5k Trail Race - 7.4 miles

Separate write-up to here.

Weekly Mileage: 17.6 miles

Year to Date: 1,207.9 miles

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  1. Your week looks like surprisingly like mine...glad to see you're in for Old Mountain!