Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We're into March now and that means it's time to start seeds for my vegetable garden.  For the last couple years it's been mostly tomatoes and peppers that I've started indoors and I'm continuing that trend this year (at least for vegetables, I'll be starting some coleus plants as well.)  I don't plan on starting tomatoes until April but it's time to get those pepper seeds started.

Em had requested that I build her a cornhole table (which is about the limit of what I'm capable of from a carpentry perspective.)  The dimensions were actual perfect for the table where I grow my plants so I made a second frame, flipped it over and added plastic sheeting and a drain pipe.   Eventually I'll be transplanting into larger pots at which point drainage and water management traditionally become a pain in the ass.  I'm hoping my newfangled setup will make it easier.

In the past I've grown both sweet and hot peppers.  But I don't have great sun in my yard and I always end up with one or two sad sweet peppers per plant.  Doesn't seem worth it to me any more so I'm swearing off the sweets this year.

Get the pepto ready!

Instead, I'm going apeshit overboard with the hot peppers!  Unlike the sweets, my hot pepper plants have always been very productive.  Last year I pickled some (mixed results) and turned some into hot sauce (great success!)  I intend to use these to make more hot sauce.  Lots more.

Each type of pepper has a 2x3 square seed tray.  I planted 2-3 seeds per square.  I shall not want for hot pepper seedlings.  Previously I've always covered them with a bit of soil but the packaging says to just lay them on top of the soil so that's what I did.  They are covered with the clear lid, left under the shop light all day and sprayed with water every evening. 

The waiting game begins...

Once the seedlings emerge, the lid comes off.  I have a second shop light I'll bust out when I start the tomatoes and coleus.  I also have a much bigger light once the plants are ready for it.  I hope my fellow runners don't mind this occasional foray into my gardening exploits.  I figure it's a good way to break up the flow of the blog and keep me honest when it comes to caring for my plants. 

More to come.


  1. Don't be bashful man. Running, drinking, fishing and gardening are my hobbies that keep me (semi)sane. Seeds excite me! Keep doing updates.

    PS-while your precious embryos are germinating, you should order your 2013 Summer Tour tickets! Saratoga Springs looks like a fantastic option!

    1. I don't think there's any Summer Tour in the cards for me. Besides the cost of tickets (which I probably couldn't afford) there's nothing really that close. And I'll be in the White Mountains during the SPAC shows (can't complain about that!)