Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Log; 1.11.16 - 1.17.16

Monday - East Providence, RI - 6.3 miles

After a week of rest to let my left shin/ankle issue heal up, I decided to attempt a run today.  I started at the Ten Mile River bikepath and did a mix of trail and sidewalk that looped me around through the Seekonk Meadows trails as well.  It felt great being back out there, though I misjudged the temp and overdressed.  Unfortunately by mile three the shin pain was noticeable and it was really bothering me for the last mile.  So the issue isn't any better and in fact this run probably made it worst.

Tuesday - 0 miles

I was hobbling around this morning and it hurt to put too much pressure on my left foot.  The whole thing has got me depressed.  I suppose I'll need to schedule a doctor's visit.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

From the depths of hell rises the Ripper!  It's been many months since I attempted this short P90X core workout and it was shameful.  I was flopping around like a trout and could barely make it through any of the exercises.  But with my janky feet I've no choice but to wrangle this beast once again.

Thursday - 0 miles

135 push-ups (standard/wide) 15/20/20/20/25/20/15

The soreness!  Yes the core is a field of DOMS.  Attempting to do push-ups today was sort of sad but I ground 'em out.  Ankle/shin isn't feeling too bad today but I know it's just a ruse to lure me into complacency.  Nice try!

Friday - 0 miles

Still very sore from the Ripper! Putting on my pants is tough.  I did lunchtime yoga with Amanda at Providence Power Yoga.  I was sweating pretty good by the end but I definitely felt less sore.  Ankle/shin wasn't an issue.  Is it actually improving?  We'll see.  The gig tonight at Tara's may just beat it up again.

Saturday - 0 miles

Yeah the shin was janked out after the gig last night.  Was better for most of today but then towards the end of the day I can feel it aching.  Blah.

Sunday - 0 miles

So my hope that the shin thing was getting better on its own was misguided.  It's clearly not.  I should've gone to the doctor this past week but I was lazy and now I've set back my recovery even more.  Amanda has noticed how mopey I am - without the running outlet I'm a lazy sad sack.  Oh well.  With every new week comes new hope.

Weekly Mileage: 6.3 miles
Year to Date: 16.3 miles


  1. That sucks. Sorry to hear about your shit. It'll be back and so will you. No worries.

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    1. No, you're right the first time. I will get my shit back!

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    1. Hey Michael Weinberg of Worcester, Ma. You are a freak. If you don't want to be "exposed" by me (Yeah, ALLLLLL of those comments you left me that are under my control), then you need to leave everyone ALONE. I have your full name, your phone number, and guess what?! I even have your full address, thanks to Back off, you freak.

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  4. Just so you are aware Seth....this Michael dude has been posting weird shit in many New England Runners blogs...he has some major problems. :)

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  6. Oh by the way Leslie if you know my address could you send 6 boxes of thin mint girl scout cookies.

  7. Sorry Seth, this wasn't suppose to happen. I actually like Jim Johnson and am doing an old stupid prank. HOW MANY RUNNER HAVE I KILLED! 0 Unbelievable. People are so paranoid in this country that you can't do nothing anymore. I am just soo weird for actually having some kind of imagination. Let her tell everything I said. I didn't even swear at this woman.

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  9. You WILL be embarrassed when every one of your comments goes up on my blog for the public to see.

  10. Well this really escalated. Michael - I'm not sure who you are but I guess I'll have to approve comments to the blog from now on.