Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Log: 8.19.13 - 8.25.13

Monday - Great Swamp, South Kingstown, RI - 7 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

I had the day off and was planning on running at Rome Point in the morning. I brought Ezri to the Kingston bike path for a bit and it occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity to visit the Great Swamp as I had never been. After dropping her at daycare, I came back and took Liberty Rd down to the train tracks where it became a dirt road. I wasn't exactly sure where to go but I stopped at the DEM main office and a nice gentleman provided me with maps and local intel.

I kept following the dirt road until it ended at a big parking lot. The initial trails are actually dirt roads in various conditions. The power lines that cut through made for a good reference point. I took the trail that follows the main body of water (is it considered a pond?) I soon regretted taking neither sunglasses or sunscreen as the sun was blasting as I followed the edge of the water. Passed a bird watcher, complete with massive camera and spiffy hat. Despite the oppressive heat it was absolutely gorgeous out there and the water had plenty of plant and animal life to enjoy.

At the southern edge of the pond, I could see where the powerlines continued into my neck of the woods. If only I could reach these trails from Biscuit City road! (Several years ago I had tried. I followed the powerlines until it hit marsh. There, ramshackle wooden planks suggested that such a path once existed. However those planks were sparse and rotted and I had to retreat, cut from many briars and quite wet.)

I followed the trail into the appreciated shade and attempted to find my way down to Wordens Pond. However the trail was overgrown and soon became muddy and difficult to follow. I backtracked to more well travelled paths and spent the rest of the run retracing my steps and following the powerlines. Definitely an awesome place to run and I'll have to make a return visit (after the bugs are gone. The deer flies may be in retreat but they're still thriving here!)

Tuesday - 0 miles

Woke up feeling pretty meh so no workout for me today.

Wednesday - 0 miles

P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (55 minutes)

Hard to believe it's been two months since I've done this workout. Time is a river that moves faster and faster. But I digress. Numbers weren't as high as the last time I attempted CS&T but I was feeling it pretty early into the video and I had noodle arms by the end. Mission accomplished I guess.

Thursday - Carter Preserve, Charlestown, RI - 7.5 miles

Good lord, extreme upper body soreness from yesterday's workout. I was home with a sick kid but I was able to get out for a run in the woods at the Carter Preserve. It had rained an hour beforehand and was super humid. Luckily no bugs whatsoever. Legs felt tired despite two days off so I just took it easy out there.

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 8.2 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

I was going to do a track workout this morning but I wasn't in a good headspace and ended up just driving up to work on autopilot. Arrived in the parking lot and sort of decided to run the trails behind the office by default. No pop in my legs. After a couple miles on the usual trails, I came upon a new clearing - the trees in the area had been leveled. Found the trail through the debris and continued on but soon came upon huge construction road. I was bummed that some of my favorite trails were being completely destroyed so that some asshole could throw up some new houses. Discouraged, I took the quickest route out of the woods and hit the roads instead.

Thought my legs might wake up on the roads but they still felt dead. Took the Rocky Hill Road which is wide, peaceful and free of traffic. I passed the entrance where the culprits are ransacking the woods. Bastards. I took Rocky Hill most of the way and then jumped back in the woods in order to return to Fidelity. My left leg got jammed on a downhill tract and I smashed my big toe again - the one I bashed in my minimal shoes a few weeks ago. Sweet merciful crap it hurt. I was wearing my road staples, the NB 890 v2s but they did not offer much protection. The toe throbbed for a few minutes but the pain quickly faded once I started up again. Hopefully it's not a lasting problem. A gang of deerflies harassed me over the last two miles to put an exclamation mark on a lackluster run.

Saturday - Charlestown, RI - 5.4 miles

After two days of running with tired legs I wasn't sure if a short run today would even be worth it.  As soon as I started down the driveway though I felt great.   Ran down Old Coach to just past the newly finished Rathskeller (looks like their almost ready to open.)  Kept the pace snappy the whole way through and was very pleased with how I felt.  No issue with yesterday's smashed toe either.

Besides the run it was a good day all around:

Get ready for some habanero hot sauce!

A new batch of IPA is bubblin' away in the Beer Machine

 Oh and we got a dog.

His name's Oliver and he seems decent enough.  I'm not a dog guy and it took a lot for me to authorize this decision.  There will definitely be changes to all of our routines in order to accommodate this guy's needs but I'm hopeful that this addition will be good for our family.   Running with a dog?  The mind shudders.

Sunday - Burlingame, Charlestown, RI - 14 miles

I parked at King's Factory road in the morning and ran the full length of Sammy C's before heading into North Burlingame.  Haven't been here in a while and I enjoyed the wide rocky dirt roads.  I opted to take the North/South trail up to where it hit Burdickville Rd (hadn't travelled this section before.)  Then I turned around and headed down to the Pawcatuck River but there were campers at several of the sites so I kept going.  I continued along the trail with the white blazes but it became increasingly difficult to follow.  Clearly not used much and luckily it was very dry - I can imagine it being dreadful in rainy season.  At one point I had to stop and scout for the white blazes.  I found it but ran through a shitload of prickers and got a whole bunch of war wounds before escaping this section.

I headed south down to the Vin Gormley trail and decided to go down to North camp to add a few more miles.  More people bathing in the water at Watchaug so once again I kept moving.  The deer flies season is apparently not over yet because they harrassed me something awful for most of the rest of the run.  Took Schoolhouse trail back over to King's Factory and then followed the road back to the car.

Weekly Mileage: 42.1 miles

Year to Date: 1,194.9 miles

4 straight weeks of 40+ miles.  16 straight weeks of 30+ miles.  I need 32 miles over the next six days to hit 200 for the month for the first time.  Let's finish August strong.


  1. Conrad’s on the new addition to the family – dogs add a whole new family perspective. They don’t care how badly you day goes and they are always happy to see you. Give them your time and they will give you there heart.

  2. Nice Burlingame run on Sunday. The white blazed River Trail is hard to follow these days. Too bad - it's a fun one. The trail out to Burdickville Road is pretty gnarly and a favorite of mine.

  3. Your dog is SO cute! Hope he is a fun and energetic addition to the family.

    Great Swamp is my favorite place to run close to home. Although you do have to be careful of hunters during hunting season, late fall is one of the best times to run around there.

  4. Oliver is cute! Running with a dog is different, short distances are all I got out of any of my guys or my girl, they were easily distracted, and the short snouts make breathing a problem. Long hikes they are all in. Living with a dog is interesting, exactly what Mike said, they are so happy to see you it sort of negates any crap you are dealing with prior to walking in the door. They are honest loving innocent souls who are just sure that when you walk out that door you are never coming home again.