Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red Lentil Rice Cakes

My portables are running low so it's time for another concoction courtesy of Feed Zone Portables.  I wanted to make another rice cake recipe and after looking through the cupboards it looked like I had all the stuff for this one.

The main ingredients are sticky rice and red lentils.  We've also got minced onion and jalapeno, tomato paste, greek yogurt and paprika.

2 cups of sticky rice and 1 cup of lentils go into the rice cooker along with 4.5 cups of water.  This will take awhile folks.

While the rice/lentils cooks, the onions (1 tsb) and jalapeno (1.5 tsp) are sauteed.  1.5 tsb of tomato paste is added once they're cooked. 

Then we take the pan off heat and add 1/4 cup of greek yogurt.  Stir it all up and put it aside.

Ding!  Rice is finally done.  Sadly the lentils lose their beautiful red color in the cooking.

The recipe recommended a couple additional ingredients before we combine everything.  Fresh chopped parsley:

1 tsp of tabasco:

Mix it all together and then spread it out in a pan.

After it settles for a while, I divide them up and wrap them in tinfoil.  Into the freezer they go.

A little crumbly at first but the freezer will help with that.  Taste is good (the tabasco gives it a nice flavor.)  I added some salt after tasting the mixture but in retrospect it probably could have used a bit more.

Specs: 12 servings / Calories - 154 / Carb - 31 / Fat - 0 / Protein - 6

UPDATE: I actually made these a few weeks ago and have been eating them mostly after weekday morning runs. The tabasco taste has unfortunately faded and the resulting rice cake is a bland, mushy affair. Not the most delish creation. I will say that it went down a lot easier when I took one on my 19 miler a few weeks back. So I guess this one is best enjoyed when I'm many miles in and starving rather than post-run.


  1. This was the first recipe I tried from the Feed Zone Portables. SO good, even Mark liked them! (he's not a huge fan of lentils)