Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Log: 9.2.13 - 9.8.13

After using August to focus on trails and mileage, I start September off with a couple races.  First is the Shawn Nassaney Memorial 5k up in Bryant on Saturday.  I haven't run a 5k in a while and I'm looking forward to seeing how I do.  The following weekend is the Surftown 1/2 in Westerly.  Then a few more weeks before NipMuck.  I have a feeling that September is going to fly by just as fast as August!

Monday - Charlestown, RI - 10.9 miles

It was insanely humid and wet outside after last night's thunderstorms and running in the soup was not very appealing.  But I knew that if I didn't get it done in the morning it probably wouldn't get done at all.  The girls were going over to visit friends on Shannock Rd in order to introduce Oliver to another dog so I crafted a local route that involved mostly roads but also some trails and finished at their house.  I was soaked pretty early in the run and my legs didn't have much pep but they woke up some (though the hills on Biscuit City Road were not so welcome.)  I jumped on the Heart trail off of Worden Pond Rd and did some of the Browning Woods loop as well.  Someone cut down a giant tree that now blocks part of the path.  Hopefully they're going to clear it up soon.

Tuesday - 0 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)
P90X Shoulders & Arms (60 minutes)

The last day of a five day respite from work.  But with tight calves and heavy thunderstorms all day, it was an easy decision not to run.  I did use the rainy day and empty house to the fullest advantage by brewing another beer - a coffee stout! I followed the recipe and let the grounds steep for 20 minutes at flameout but then I regretted this decision as now there are plenty of grounds in the primary. Hopefully they'll settle out and won't be a problem when it comes to bottling - we'll cross that bridge in a few weeks. The rain also gave me an excuse to bail on a necessary chore - car shopping. I won't be able to put it off forever.

Once the storms passed, I walked the dog in the afternoon and noticed this thing growing in our yard.

Hands off, Crutch!


Wednesday - Hopkinton, RI - 3.75 miles

P90X2 Yoga X2 (45 minutes)

Man my calves are really sore. Not sure what's going on with them. Amanda suggested that it might be from the dog walks. Seems counter intuitive since I run so much but she could be on to something - maybe the brisk walking is having an effect on my legs since I'm not used to it.

After work I ran some errands then went to pick up Em from dance class. Got there early and went for an easy couple miles. Calves loosened up quickly and weren't an issue. The sun was fading as I started the run and I first checked out a lonely dark road that led to corn fields along the highway. Then I looped back and ran around the nearby golf course. I went across the street into a neighborhood I had last visited when I ran at Black Farm. A few minutes after I entered this neighborhood something...happened.

It was getting quite dark as I ventured down these quiet country roads. I began to sweat profusely. Strange as it wasn't hot and I wasn't working very hard. Then a wave of euphoria swept over me and I could feel myself grinning uncontrollably. Everything seemed wonderful and I felt like I could run forever. What was happening to me? I hadn't felt like this since my last Phish festival! Was this the infamous Runner's High? If it was then sweet fancy Christ sign me the hell up!

I was happy as a clam but good and lost in this neighborhood. Not that I cared all that much. Dark now, I figured any car I encountered was going home for the night so I ran in the opposite direction. Soon enough I arrived at the main road. Once back at the car the run was over but the bliss remained. I cranked a great Tweezer jam and climbed onto a giant rock and gazed out at the darkened parking lot - contentment flowed through me. I ran my hands through my wet hair and it felt so good. I stretched. And I gazed some more. The other parents probably thought I was mad but I didn't care one bit.

It was a throwaway run of 3.75 miles but I think it may have been one of the most important runs of my life.

Thursday - Rome Point, North Kingstown, RI - 6.4 miles

How the hell do you follow up transcendence? Rome Point'll do, I s'pose. Wore my MT00s to make sure I felt comfortable in 'em for Saturday's race. Kept the pace easy early on. I found an old trail that led to a condo neighborhood on Oceanwood Dr. Trail was overgrown with lots of makeshift bridges to traverse swampy sections. It immediately brought me back - we use to take this trail into Rome Point back in my cross country days when we went offroad on our fearless "blood runs."

Now on the roads I scooted over to Terre Mar and then crossed the old rail bridge and continued in Rome Point. I did all the usual trails - water was very tranquil and not many people were out there. I decided to take a stab at the Yellow Blaze trail segment but I wasn't sure of the direction to run it in (I choose wrong.) But it felt good to push the pace for a bit in the MT00s and then I took it easy for another mile or so before calling it a day. No euphoria but a good run nonetheless.

Friday - 0 miles

P90X Chest & Back (50 minutes)

Saturday - Shawn Nassaney 5k at Bryant

Official time: 18:40. 11th overall. Race report to follow.

Sunday - Burlingame, Charlestown, RI - 8 miles

Met up at Jonny's house in the morning and ran some easy trail miles with him and Nate. It was fun exploring Burlingame from another direction. We started in North Burlingame before running part of Vin Gormley and Sammy C's. Jonny also led us down another trail I had never been on which took us back into North Burlingame. Fun run with good conversation. Afterwards we hung out in Jonny's driveway with his kids and cheered on the cyclists doing the Firmman (1/2 Ironman.) Saw Jeff Walker in action looking strong.

Weekly Mileage: 34.9 miles

Year to Date:  1,264.1 miles

Good week with a PR at Bryant and an unexpected journey into the Mind's Eye on Wednesday.  Last year's total mileage was 1,265 miles.  In your face, 2012!


  1. Ah the runners high, I'm chasing it eery time I lace up. A mile run is never wasted. Utter bliss... see you at Shawn Nassaney!

    1. Make sure you say hello. I'll have a black Fidelity singlet and a beautiful beard.

  2. Yeah....Phish and running do that to me too. You clearly stepped into the freezer.

  3. Tell me you did something with that mushroom...