Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekly Log: 9.9.13 - 9.15.13

Surftown week! I'm looking forward to this fairly big race on a very flat course. Hopefully I can best my March PR at Ocean's Run. I had planned to do some tempo work leading up to this race but it never came together. With these longer races I always question how I'm going to be able to run at a sub-7 minute pace for so long - it still seems like such an unmaintainable speed in my mind even though I've already done it this year at Ocean's Run and the Blessing. No doubt things'll click into place as soon as the race begins but it's funny how my confidence seems to wane as the race approaches.

Fall is definitely in the air and we've just under a month to go for NipMuck. I've been reading Dean Karnazes's Ultramarathon Man and it's getting me psyched up for another long distance endurance challenge. I also seem to be getting the makings of a cold. Let's hope it doesn't amount to much. Shall we blame it on the early morning dog walks in the chilly pre-dawn hours? Yes, let's do that.

Monday - Wolf Hill, Smithfield, RI - 5.8 miles

This is fall weather! Stepped out of the car at Wolf Hill and it was downright cool. Ran the usual rocky trails, enjoying the crisp air.

Tuesday - 0 miles

P90X Chest & Back (50 minutes)

Wednesday - Hopkinton, RI - 6.5 miles

Another evening run while Em was finishing up dance class. The temperature had backed off from the earlier scorcher but it was still pretty warm. Ran shirtless and was soon sweaty. Wish I had brought a headlamp because within 20 minutes it was pretty dark. There was no repeat of last week's unexpected Mind Journey but I felt good and picked up speed at various points to feel out a pace for Surftown. Last section of the run was behind the golf course. Now I was running into pitch blackness on back country roads - kind of creepy but also thrilling.

Thursday - 0 miles

No workout today.  Headed over to Jay's house in the evening and I completed my BrewTraining.  Bottled two batches - a porter and an IPA. 

Runner.  Patriot.  Brewer.

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 5 miles

Just a short run on the Fidelity paths to loosen up the legs before Surftown. I've been feeling really good running in the NB 730s and I really want to wear 'em for Surftown but I've never gone longer than 8 miles in 'em (and I still feel it in my calves the day after using them.) I'm sure I could wear them for the half but I question how my legs would feel on Monday. To that end, I ran in my 890s as that's the shoe I'll be wearing on Sunday. They're getting up there in mileage but they'll serve me well for one more long race.


Saturday - 0 miles


Sunday - Surftown 1/2 Marathon, Westerly, RI - 16.3 miles

Big PR!  Official time: 1:24:00.  13th overall.  2nd in Age Group.  Report forthcoming.

Made a batch of pickled peppers in the afternoon.

Weekly Mileage: 34 miles

Year to Date: 1,298.1 miles

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