Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Log: 11.18.13 - 11.24.13

On the heels of the Li'l Rhody Runaround comes the Mews Tavern 5k this weekend. Really looking forward to this one. Lots of runners, a couple big hills on the course and a fun afterparty. The race fee includes unlimited access to a couple dozen kegs which always lures a bunch of my friends to run. It's lots of fun to run as a team and hang out with everyone afterwards.

Monday - 0 miles

Quite the blustery rainy morning. Made it easy to justify not running but then it cleared up so I turned out that I could've gotten in a run before work. Drat.

Tuesday AM - Charlestown, RI - 2.6 miles

Took the dog for an early stroll. Over the weekend I took him to South Farm and walked/sprinted with him. It went well enough that I decided to up the tempo on our morning constitutionals. Tried to keep it at an easy pace that he could handle and ended up running 11 minute miles. Not exactly race pace but our walks were at 16-17 minute miles so this is a definite improvement. Figure if we keep it up he'll get faster and I'll be able to fit a few more miles in each week with these "dog doubles."

Tuesday PM - Hopkinton, RI - 6.8 miles

I ran the roads near the dance studio, headlamp aglow. Legs were sore today from Li'l Rhody but the earlier run helped loosen them up. Pace was snappy in the low 7s and very consistent. My calves were feeling it by the end.

Wednesday - 0 miles

P90X Shoulders & Arms (45 minutes)

After a month off from P90X my neck, back and arm finally felt good enough to attempt a workout. Not too bad but thanks to the worksheet I could tell where my strength has dropped off. I've always favored my right arm but my left is now noticably weaker and proved problematic for the last few exercises. Still it was good to get back into the swing of things.

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 10.2 miles

I had my yearly physical in the morning which allowed me to get a longer-than-usual weekday run. I started from my house and wore my cold compression gear for the first time this season. 20 degrees outside! I probably didn't need the leggings but it's hard to judge. I headed over to the Narragansett trail and poked around the side trails - I wound up behind the houses on Black Pond Road. I'd love to have an access point to these trails from that road but at the moment there doesn't appear to be one. Hmmm.

Made my way up to Route 2 with a shitty little yippy dog chasing me until I shouted at it. Explored a side road I had never been on then took the powerlines over to Shannock Rd. I took the roads back to my house, checking out a new development on the way. Fun local run once my thumbs thawed at mile 3.

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 6.1 miles

I hit the trails at work on a wet morning. At least it was 50 degrees out. The leaves are finally started to compress on the ground, making the singletrack more visible. Ran across my first hunter out in these woods. I'm pretty sure it was Santa. A older rotund chap, bushy white beard. He had a great camo jacket. I scared the crap out of him but he was a jolly fellow and laughed it off. Said I probably took 10 years off his life. Sorry Santa!

That night while the girls were out at the movies I brewed a gallon batch of Dead Ringer IPA and racked my original JAOM into a glass jug.  The JAOM wasn't as far along as I thought.  Patience is the key in home brewing but sometimes it's so difficult!

Racked my first JAOM into a glass carboy.  Not quite ready for bottling.

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - Mews Tavern 5k, Wakefield, RI - 5.1 miles

Official time: 18:17.  25th overall.  Report forthcoming.

Weekly Mileage:  30.9 miles

Year to Date: 1,584.7 miles

Good race at the Mews to round out the week.  Looking forward to a few weeks of whatever-I-like runs before the Newport 10k in mid-December.  Looking at the mileage, I think I may have a shot at hitting 1,800 miles but it will take a solid effort through the rest of the year.  We shall see!

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  1. I've had a wicked low mileage week, but really looking forward to the Mews race. Carpooling with FiveK and Woolley, should see you there in the sea of runners! Race director said they're gonna hit 2000 this year :)