Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adventures in Homebrewing - Fall 2013

As we wade into November, my homebrewing is in full swing. I figure I'd give an update on my recent creations.

Chinook IPA - 5% ABV

Followed a Northern Brewer recipe but fermented in the Beer Machine, this brew proved that the Beer Machine is a capable fermenter when better ingredients are used. Made only with Chinook hops, this IPA has a piney, resinous aroma and taste. No citrus/fruit overload here. Very drinkable with just the right amount of bitterness - sadly it is almost gone.

Wake Up Stout - 5.7% ABV

Another Northern Brewer recipe, I followed it closely except that I used an espresso flavored coffee from a local coffee shop. This coffee stout is alright - it would have benefited from oats in order to give it a thicker mouthfeel. A good beer but I know that it can be improved upon.

Runner's High Imperial IPA - 8.1% ABV

Just bottled this over the weekend. I'm not sure if 8% qualifies it as an Imperial but whatever. This is an original recipe using the remaining steeping grains from the Chinook IPA. I used Chinook hops for bittering and added Cascade and Falconer's Flight late in the boil. I dry hopped with those as well. Very aromatic. The grapefruit notes are front and center when I tasted it. At this point I think they're overpowering but I'm looking forward to trying it in a few weeks after it has been bottle conditioned.

The Runner's High haul - 6 bombers and 10 regular bottles

EdWort's Apfelwein - 8.4% ABV

This was also bottled over the weekend after five weeks in the primary. I tried it for the first time. Very dry, like a white wine but more drinkable. It was pretty good right out of the fermenter but it's supposed to improve with age. The better bottle wasn't empty long - I got another 4.5 gallons going the next day.

Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

My original JAOM is almost a month old and there's still bubbling action to be seen. If it sticks to the schedule it should clear up in the next month. I started a second batch two weeks later. My dutiful assistant Ezri was happy to drop in all the ingredients. This time I substituted peaches and craisins for the orange and raisins. I'm just going to let these be until they start to clear up.

Maybe I'll tuck away a bottle to give to Ezri in 17 years

On Deck:

Next I plan to make 2.5 gallons of Bourbon Barrel Porter and 1 gallon of IPA. The porter will be the first time I'm using a secondary (need to add bourbon soaked oak chips) and the IPA will be my first attempt at a small 1 gallon batch.