Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Log: 7.14.15 - 7.20.14

Monday - 0 miles

16 pull-ups w/ equal # of assisted (standard/chin-up/wide) 3/3, 4/4, 2/2, 2/2, 3/3, 2/2

Ankle definitely doesn't feel right.  Something on the outside hurts when I move it in certain directions.  Guess the uneven terrain of the Beaver race beat it up.  Easy decision to take a zero today.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 4.3 miles

325 push-ups (standard/wide/decline/military) 50/40/35/30/40/40/30/25/35

Ankle felt better today.  It still feels off but it's more sore than pain.  I brought running stuff to work, unsure if I would use it or not.  By lunch time it made sense to at least try it out.  Went over to the 10 Mile River Bike Path.  Hot, humid and just plain gross.  Ran a mix of trails and path.  I could feel the ankle a bit but it didn't hurt and overall the test was a success.

Wednesday - East Providence, RI - 5.2 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)
15 pull-ups w/ equal # of assisted (standard/chin-up/close-grip) 3/3, 4/4, 2/2, 2/2, 2/2, 2/2

Turrible thunderstorms this morning that luckily tapered off before my drive to work.  By 11 AM there was a lull in the weather and I took advantage to get in an easy run on nearby neighborhood roads.  Hot and humid again but that's to be expected.  Ankle felt okay but I did have some calf tightness.  Muddy, that consummate gentleman, gave me his old version of Jack Daniels's book and so of course I'm thinking, what is the purpose of this workout?  I guess the purpose was to try out the new running shorts that my lovely wife bought me.  Pace-wise was at just under 7 minutes which Daniels would probably say is No Man's Land for me but what of it?  It was a snappy pace on an oppressive day.  That's a good run in my book.

Thursday - Seekonk, MA - 6.3 miles

I decided to venture into unknown territory and see if I could uncover some new trails.  The Seekonk Land Trust listed a large section of land that's been designated safe from construction or parceling or whatever you call it.  Some farmland and a lot of forest/swamp with powerlines running through it.  Faithful readers will know that I spent plenty of time exploring the Smithfield powerlines so I figured I'd do the same to Seekonk.  The whole area wasn't open to the public but I figured if I could get out onto the powerlines I'd be fine.

I drove down a quaint country road to a secluded school/track/camp place and started running down the road.  Beautiful houses with plenty of land between them.  Not much traffic but what cars there were flew by, entitlement wafting out the windows.  I tried one path but hit some farmland after a short muddy section.  Returned to the road and kept going until I could hit the powerlines I saw in the distance.  Unfortunately I couldn't go far before the path become tall grass.  The deer flies quickly found me and I decided to finish the run on the road, scoping out more gorgeous houses.  Nice day for a run overall - less muggy than in days past.  I'll probably revisit this place in the winter, when the tall grass peels away and the powerlines can reveal their secrets.

Friday - West Warwick, RI - 3.2 miles

We had a gig at Manchester 65 tonight in West Warwick.  I had this grand plan to head directly there after work, giving me about two hours to get a long run in.  I was going to head down the bike path deep into Coventry, exploring here and there.  Well that didn't happen.

Long story short, I got lost as fuck and without a smart phone or smart brain it took me a long-ass time to arrive at the club.  By then my time had been squandered and I settled for a few quick miles before I was due for soundcheck.  Then it turned out that soundcheck wasn't happening until later so I jogged down the street for grub.  Sadly there wasn't much of a crowd at the 65 and we played pretty much to an empty house.  But we played well so that's at least something.  But overall this Friday afternoon/evening did not go according to plan.

Saturday -  0 miles

Got the girls up and out the door early to cheer Amanda on as she completed the Save the Bay swim.  1.7 miles and she did it in 71 minutes.  She did awesome!  In the afternoon we went over to Jeff's 50th B-day shindig.  Fun times hanging out all the WTACers and their families.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 14.1 miles

Okay so the long run didn't happen on Friday.  Grudgingly I got up and out the door to get it done today.  Kept the pace easy and made my way over to the Carter Preserve where I was surprised to find a new trail added off of the blue trail over to the grasslands.  Cool little shortcut.  After checking it out I returned to the blue and red trails before taking the spur trail that exits at the elementary school.  Headed down through Shannock Village and then back home along Shannock and Old Coach.  Originally I was thinking 16-17 miles but my legs were tired and my feet were beginning to hurt so I was content to wrap it up at 14.  It's been a while since I ran long and I could feel it.

Weekly Mileage: 33.2 miles

Year to Date: 1,127.7 miles

Not a lot of miles this week despite the 14 miler on Sunday.  The last two months have been lax but once we hit August it'll be time to up the mileage and begin training in earnest for long fall races.

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