Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Log: 8.4.13 - 8.10.13

The running hiatus continues...until the weekend.  Once we hit Saturday, I can lace up again.  It's an arbitrary break but hopefully I'll come back well rested and ready to work.  Looking forward to getting back out there.  Not to mention having a beer.  Sweet, sweet beer.  It's crazy - this has been my longest break from running since March 2011.

Monday - 0 miles

290 push-ups (standard/decline/diamond/wide) 40/30/15/40/40/40/15/40/30

Tuesday - 0 miles

22 pull-ups w/ additional assists (standard/chin-up/close grip/wide) 3/5, 4/6, 3/5, 2/4 , 3/5, 3/6, 2/4, 2/5

Originally I wanted to do another round of Legs & Back this morning but I had neither the moxie nor the time to get it done.  I decided to do a poor man's version, switching between pull-ups and some of the various squat/lunge moves, all the while puttering about the basement.  It worked out well.  I did two rounds of wall squats which truly are the devil.  Altogether I did five leg exercises which I consider to be a good compromise.  I think this is the way going forward - instead of trying to fit in the whole P90X routine, I'll take the choicest bits and make use of them when I can.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Not a damn thing done today.

Thursday - 0 miles

630 push-ups (military/standard/wide)

POWER HOUR!  Suggested by my buddy and fitness guru Ryan, I decided to do a push-up power hour this morning.  10 push-ups every minute for an hour.  I downloaded an interval app which beeped just before and on every minute.  I was doing dishes in between sets which made it hectic but also made the time pass quickly.  Every 20 minutes I switched the style of push-up.  Actually this wasn't that bad and while I was tiring towards the end I was still able to bang 'em out.  I did 'em to exhaustion for the last set and made it to 40.  Guess I should've gone for more - maybe 15 next time.

Friday - 0 miles

18 pull-ups w/ additional assists (standard/chin-up/close grip) 4/6, 4/6, 2/4, 3/5, 3/5, 2/4

At lunch time I did another 45 minute yoga session at Providence Power Yoga.  Good stretchin' for the legs.  They're ready to run!

Saturday - South Kingstown, RI - 3.5 miles

It was our first trip to the beach this summer, which is pretty sad considering we live three miles from the ocean.  But hey we've been busy.  Beautiful day at East Matunuck though.  I threw on the Vibrams and ran down the beach and jumped onto the roads to run past the Ocean Mist and over to S.K. Town Beach.  Legs felt great and the ocean dip upon my return felt even better.

At night we returned to the area to play a gig at Tara's.  The new deck really takes the pub to another level and people kept filing in all night.  Really good crowd and people seemed to like the music which made for a great gig.

Sunday - Charlestown/Westerly, RI - 8.2 miles

Did a loop of the Narragansett trail in the morning with Oliver.  I thought we'd be dealing with some miserable bushwacking off of Black Pond Rd but someone's been working on the trail back there and the going wasn't bad at all.

In the afternoon I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy in Stonington (it kicked ass.)  Then I ventured over to the Champlin Glacier Park.  I had only been on these trails once before as part of a longer run so I was looking forward to exploring them in more detail.  It was hot and humid and the twisty climbs wore me out quickly.  Between the break from running and my switch to primarily road running I feel like I've lost a bit of endurance in the woods.  I'll need to make sure I hit the trails as often as I can in the weeks to come.

Weekly Mileage: 11.7 miles

Year to Date: 1,168.6 miles

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