Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekly Log: 8.25.14 - 8.31.14

Monday - 0 miles

The only opportunity to run was in the morning and I chumped out.  Didn't have much oomph and my big toe was aching which was enough of an excuse for me.

Tuesday - Providence, RI - 5.9 miles

22 pull-ups w/ assists (standard/chin-up/close grip) 3/6, 4/4, 3/5, 3/5, 5/4, 4/4

Originally I was going to try to do some hill repeats over on College Hill but I really didn't feel like driving over there and running there probably would've taken too long.  Plus it was hot.  So damn hot.  I opted to still head over to the East Side but instead just run along the swanky neighborhood streets.  I ended up keeping the pace rather peppy for the most part but I took a couple quick breaks in the shade.  Hit the Blackstone trails on the way back for a change of pace (and shade.)

Wednesday - Caratunk Sanctuary, Seekonk, MA - 5 miles

265 push-ups (standard/wide/decline/diamond) 45/40/40/15/45/40/30/10

Another hot day.  I ran over in Caratunk again at a pretty brisk pace all things considered.  Good wildlife sightings.  I ran around Muskrat Pond three times and on my first pass I ran right by one of the pond's namesakes.  I stopped, looked back and we were both startled - it ran off into the underbrush.  On the pond I saw a couple turtles sunbathing on a log.  They plopped in the water every time I ran by.  It was a little cooler in the woods but not by much.

Thursday - Seekonk, MA - 5.9 miles

I went over to the High School track for some speedwork.  It was another scorcher and I was ready to abandon the track idea if the place was filled with high schoolers but I guess school hasn't started yet in Seekonk so I grudingly stuck to my plan.  Almost anyway.  I had planned to do ten 400s but cut it down to eight once I hit the track.  Some big clouds rolled through which helped a great deal.  I probably could have pushed the 400s a little harder but I was still satisfied.  Afterwards I cooled down on the trails along the reservoir.

Splits: 83 / 84 / 84 / 83 / 82 / 81 / 78 / 80

Friday - Smithfield, RI - 12.1 miles

P90X Chest & Back (30 minutes - 1/2 the workout)

After work I started off the long weekend by venturing back to my former employer to once again run the many dirt bike trails in their woods.  I started by exploring the twisty turny stuff behind 900 Salem.  As soon as I entered the woods it was as it felt like I had never left.  Truly the forest is timeless.  The trails ended abruptly where the land had been clearcut but I was surprised to see that they hadn't done much building on the land yet.  I'm sure they will soon.

After only three miles I was feeling parched so I made a beeline for the car behind heading back out deeper into the woods.  The rest of the run was several of my favorite long trails, strung together.  I hadn't forgotten how hilly and technical some of the trails are - I miss being able to train on them regularly.  After about an hour I begun to feel the effort of the trails.  The highlight of the run came near the end when I would out in the open hilly gasline section.  I came upon a couple guys standing on top of a hill next to their jeep, deciding whether to descend a pretty gnarly downhill.  They went for it, jeep bottoming out along the way down, and I enjoyed following them for the rest of this section.  Great Friday run!

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 15.4 miles

Originally I was going to run trails but after 12 solid trail miles on Friday, I opted for easier terrain for this long run.  I went straight down to Charlestown Beach and I began sweating immediately - the humidity was so high.  The beach was pretty nasty from the recent large waves.  Lots of wide red sea weed and tiny bugs hovering everywhere.  I ran down to South Kingstown Beach and it was like that most of the way.  Glad I had my handheld for this run because sweat was pouring off of me throughout.  Mile 10 marked the point when my legs started to get aggravated with me but I tried not to let the pace drop too much and slogged ahead on the local roads back to my house.  Tough run towards the end but a necessary one.

Weekly Mileage: 44.3 miles

Year to Date: 1296.6 miles

Good mix of road and trails this week, including some speedwork.  I want to push the mileage up to 50 next week before enjoying an easier week in the 30 mile range.

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