Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekly Log: 3.23.15 - 3.29.15

Last full week of March?  That's disturbing.  The amount of snow still on the ground should be disturbing but I've more or less accepted it as a constant companion now.

This weekend is the rescheduled Brrr-lingame 10 Miler but it conflicts with a business trip so I'm out of luck.  However I do go to Atlanta for the weekend so that should be fun.  With my flight/work schedule I won't have much time to run but I'm hopeful I can get out there for at least one quick jaunt.

Monday - 0 miles

Sick!  Woke up with a frog in my throat and a nagging cough.  I also had PT during the day so no running.

Tuesday - Providence, RI - 8 miles

100 push-ups (standard) 20/20/20/20/20

Still sick but I wanted to get out there.  At lunchtime it was in the mid-30s and pretty great for running.  I went across the bridge and tried the Blackstone Park trails which were still pretty ice/snowy.  I jumped onto the Blackstone Blvd walking path but soon realized why all my fellow runners were sticking to the sidewalks on each side of the boulevard - it was a snow and mud mess!  I stuck it out for a while until I jumped onto side roads and began to drift though neighborhoods with no real purpose.  Eventually I ended up near Miriam Hospital - whoa I went a lot further than I had planned.  I made my way back to Blackstone Park in the same meandering fashion and slipped on the trails a bit more before returning to work.  Fun run and other than a lot of phlegm I felt good.

Wednesday - East Providence/North Kingstown, RI - 12.5 miles

A beautiful sunny day in the 40s so I was psyched to get back out there.  At lunch time I hit the road in the opposite direction of yesterday.  I wore the minimal NB 730s which I hoped I wouldn't regret.  The plan was to take the trails along the reservoir and then reach the Seekonk Meadows trail network.  My exploration there would be based on how long it took me to get there.

That didn't happen.  After a quarter mile of trail the going was slow and there would definitely need to be more melting before they were ready for prime time.  Instead I jumped on the nearest road and decided to run another loop of Seekonk country roads.  I had mapped this out as well and was pretty sure it would be around 10 miles.  I had run this loop before but from the opposite direction.  I didn't think it would matter but I managed to take one road to a dead end.  After that I was on the right track and the pace was in the 7:20s which felt good.  Towards the end of the run I returned to Rhode Island and my calves were beginning to feel it.

They tightened up as the day went on and I decided to stop at Rome Point on the way to band practice.  This short run seemed to help the calves loosen up.  The main trail was in good shape but the trail that hugs the northern boundary still had a ways to melt and by that point I was pretty tired so it was a trudge.  Still nice to get out there though and enjoy these last few days of snowpack.

Thursday - 0 miles

155 push-ups (standard/military/wide) 20/15/25/20/15/20/30

Calves were feeling it this morning.  PT in the afternoon and no running today.

Friday - Charlestown, RI - 3.6 miles

Off to Atlanta but I had time to take the dog for a run after getting Ezri on the bus.  I had hoped the rain would be done but no such luck.  We got drenched and then it was smelly dog drying back at the house.

Bumpy ride down to Atlanta but it's a pretty cool city.  It's also pretty cool.  55 degrees (they're having a cold front this weekend - it'll be 70 the day after I leave of course.)

Saturday - Atlanta, GA - 3.2 miles

I had the hotel wake me up at 4:30 so that I could get at least one short run while I was down here.  I checked out the nearby Entertainment District which contains the Olympic Park, Aquarium and CNN Building among other things.  Interesting run with the bright logos of the buildings and billboards shining down on me on otherwise dark deserted streets.  Only the occasional cop car on the roads.  Oh and it was cold - 38 degrees!  I didn't really expect that.  Spacewatch had trouble getting a signal with all the tall buildings around.  I needed to find breakfast because I was going to be working a registration table all day.  Luckily I spied a Waffle House and grabbed some food to go.

Sunday - 0 miles

I had to fly home early and no run was happening later in the day.  Props to everyone who was at Brrr-lingame.  With a little more snow in the night it looked like a special race.

Weekly Mileage: 27.4 miles

Year to Date: 352.1 miles

Not as many miles as I'd like and I wished I had been able to spend more time running down south but I'm feeling pretty good overall.  We'll see how I fare at Big River next weekend.

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