Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weekly Log: 5.4.15 - 5.10.15

A new week and the temp is going to be in the 70s.  Forget spring - summer is apparently here!  I took it slightly easier last week and hope to return to above 40 miles this week.  I may even sneak in a race this weekend...

Monday - East Providence, RI - 6.5 miles

Beautiful day!  I waited until later in the work day and then headed over to the Ten Mile River bike path.  I veered off immediately onto any trails I could find.  The path was bumpin'!  There was a bunch of kids doing some sprints.  People were riding bikes and walking their dogs.  Bunch of people fishing.  I ventured onto the nearby train tracks to cross the river and startled a group of teenagers smoking their tweeds.  Haha, sorry whippersnappers!  I ended up following the train tracks to some unfamiliar neighborhood roads and eventually made my way back to the bike path.  It was hot out there but I was feeling good on this relaxing run.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 7 miles

Another day, another bike path.  Went over to the East Bay bike path and decided to do a hill workout.  I followed the path for a mile and then ran the road up to Bradley school.  Then back down and ran a nearby trail hill which lead to another good road hill.  I went back and forth between these two hills for a total of six climbs.  I felt I put in a good effort especially considering the heat.  I returned to the office a smelly ogre which offended the womenfolk.  Guess I'll need to get used to dealing with the "sweat issue" again.  Still better than winter.

Wednesday - Seekonk, MA - 3.1 miles

145 push-ups (standard/decline/wide) 30/25/25/25/20/20

I went over to a big box store to scope out some shoes but they didn't have much.  Kinda bummed that I wasted so much of lunch on a pointless errand but I still had time for a short run around the Turner Reservoir.  My feet had been feeling beat up the last few days so it was probably a good idea to rest them anyway.

Thursday - West Greenwich, RI - 7.3 miles

Fortune smiled on me when I found out that Amanda was working from home today.  That meant I could get a run in before work!  Big River seemed a logical place and it had been a while since I had been on the west side.  It was a cool spring morning but I warmed up along with the temp.  A couple army choppers buzzed the woods very low to the ground.  Must have been a training exercise.  I made a nice easy loop of it, not sure exactly of where I was but I knew I'd hit the New London Turnpike eventually.   It was an easy run but I pushed it on the last trail section back up to the lot.  A man with a couple dogs threatened to thwart my segment attempt but I skirted past them and continued on.  Sorry guy.  Grabbed the segment which I'm happy about - segments on the west side are not as competitive as over by Carr Pond (though I'm sure Jackman will be by soon enough to retake this one from me.)

Friday - Providence, RI - 7 miles

170 push-ups (standard) 30/25/30/25/30/30

I decided to head over to College Hill for my run.  I kept the pace easy and went past Brown and down the steep roads towards downtown.  Then back up 'em and to the office.  Fun relaxing run but that climb is serious.  Forget anymore hill workouts at East Bay BP - I had just as much elevation gain on this run from one climb up College Hill!

Saturday - 0 miles

Amanda and I had considered running the Rainbow 5k in Richmond but when the morning came we weren't up for it and bailed in favor of the URI East Farm Festival where we picked up a bunch of plants and vegetables for the yard.

Sunday - South Kingstown/Charlestown, RI - 10.2 miles

Ezri and I went to my mom's for breakfast in the morning.  On the way we stopped at the Kingston train station and did a mile and a half on the bike path.  She did great, jogging most of the way with a few walking breaks.  There's some kind of fitness 5k at Ninigret on the 30th and she really wants to participate.

We had a picnic lunch at our house in the afternoon and then later I went for a run in Burlingame.  This time I parked along King's Factory and did a mix of Vin Gormley, North Camp and Sammy C's.  It was warm and very humid out there.  Started to notice a couple annoying bugs - oh yeah I forgot that's what the warm weather brings.  A fun run but the humidity really wore me down after only 8 miles.

Weekly Mileage: 41.2 miles
Year to Date: 596.6 miles

I'm feeling good and though the knee occasionally is achy I'm overall feeling healthy.  My running fitness is coming along nicely.  Now to get back to longer runs!

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