Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Log: 11.9.15 - 11.15.15

This will be an easy week following the forty miles I ran at the RI 6 Hour Ultra (I'm slow getting the report done but look for it later this week).  Unfortunately by running the 6 Hour I accept that I probably sabotaged my chances of putting up a PR at Lil Rhody Runaround this weekend.  I still intend to run but I'm not sure what shape I'll be in.

Monday - 0 miles

Good lord, I don't think I've ever been this sore before.  I can barely walk.  I probably should have a cane.  Going up stairs is slow, going down is treacherous.  I hold onto the rail for dear life.  It takes two hands to lower myself onto the toilet.  I've heard gym guys talking about leg day - this feels like the affects of leg day times ten.

Tuesday - 0 miles

Slightly better than yesterday but I'm still a shambling mess.  Thankfully everything just feels really sore and not injured.  Just the result of 40 miles of pavement.  The next long one will definitely be a return to trails.

Wednesday - Charlestown, RI - 2 miles

The worst of the soreness finally appears to be over.  I was working from home due to Veterans Day and I took the dog out at lunchtime.  Two miles was enough for me and even with the 9 minute pace my quads began to get angry after two miles.

Thursday - West Greenich, RI - 5 miles

My legs were feeling much better today so I took to Big River for some easy trails miles.  I kept the pace slow and stuck to the widest trails - Sawmill and the New London Turnpike - but by the last mile my legs were feeling it.  Still it was good to get out there.  I'm hopeful that Sunday's race won't be a total shitshow now.

Friday - 0 miles

I didn't have much motivation to run at lunch.  Okay, I had no motivation.  This has been a slothful, gluttonous week.  Consider it a victory lap after last Sunday.  At any rate, this can't continue but for now I'm content to bask in the lazy.  On the plus side, the legs feel normal now.

Saturday - 0 miles

I took Em up to Boston to look at a couple colleges (I can't believe she goes to college next year).  Since I bailed on yesterday that means no running the last two days.  Chumpy but I'm alright with it considering I'm running an eight mile race tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 10 Miles

Li'l Rhody Runaround.  56:40.  26th overall.  Quads became unruly around mile 3 and I took it easy the rest of the race.  Report forthcoming (maybe).

Weekly Mileage: 17 miles
Year to Date: 1,754 miles

The recovery from the 6 Hour would not be denied.  While my soreness was gone by the weekend, my legs were still in no shape to race.  It'll probably be another easy week as I have yet another unwise race next weekend (Mews Tavern 6.9k).

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