Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Log: 5.9.16 - 5.15.16

Monday - 0 miles

We had a lunch gathering for a departing colleague so no yoga or running today.  I did about 8:30 of planks in the morning but it was tough work.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 4.4 miles

I upped my efforts this week to 80% so that's 1 minute of walking and then 4 minutes of running.  Leg felt fine throughout but I felt out of shape.  That's normal I suppose.  Beautiful day along the bike path.  Finally feels like spring!

Wednesday - Seekonk, MA - 4 miles

Spring shming.  Now it feels like summer!  I went over to Wheeler School in Seekonk and ran up to the Caratunk Preserve.  I had to bushwack through some briers to get there but it was worth it.  Between the heat, hills and lack of running I was worn out by the end.  Still 80% running so every fifth minute was a walking rest.  Which I didn't mind at all.

Thursday - Providence, RI - 3.3 miles

Another hot day and I felt gross and fat.  Running was tough today.  Felt very out of shape.  I intentionally kept this one short though I did make an effort on a short hill segment that I recently lost.  I'm pretty sure the guy was aided but a very generous GPS route so it's unlikely I'll ever be able to take it back but thems the breaks.  Overall a tiring run but no pain afterwards and that's the important thing.

Friday - 0 miles

No running today.  I wanted to take it easy and do lunch yoga instead.  Ended up being a great session so I'm really glad I went.

Saturday - 0 miles

I didn't get a run in but I DID get actual yardwork done.  Mowing the yard took a while and I even managed to rake/weed the vegetable garden.  I don't do actual work often and it showed - I fell asleep on the couch at 8 PM.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 5.6 miles

The dog needed a walk and I wanted to run longer in the woods so we compromised and I took him to Carter Preserve.  This was still 80% running.  We did a big loop hitting up the new brush fields and the train tracks as well as the usual woodland trails.  Poor beast was dragging ass by the end.  I nearly killed the dog but it was a good run otherwise.

Weekly Mileage: 17.2 miles
Year to Date: 151.5 miles

Not a lot of miles but the leg felt good and that's the important thing.  Next week I believe I will chance an actual run!

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