Monday, June 3, 2013

Cherry Chocolate Sticky Bites

Time to try another recipe from Feed Zone Portables.  The last one was good but not quite portable enough for on-the-go eating.  This one should prove more transportable - Cherry Chocolate Stick Bites! (Requested by my lovely wife Amanda - she even bought me the ingredients.)

Like most of the recipes in this book, the ingredient list is short and sweet - cherry preserve, sushi rice, vanilla extract, cream cheese and bittersweet chocolate (ignore the chocolate in the pic, I actually used Trader Joe dark chocolate.)


As usual first we cook the rice (I'll see if I can avoid using rice in the next recipe.)


Once cooled, we blend the rice with the cherry preserve, vanilla extract and cream cheese in the food processor.


Transfer the mixture to a bowl and work in the chocolate chips.


Now the tricky part.  I could either portion and individually wrap the bites now or choose to store them and cut out pieces as needed.  I'm going to meld the two options by using these ice cube trays purchased by my better half.  It was a little time consuming to portion these out and the combination of the sticky rice and plastic wrap proved frustrating at times.  But I started to get a good rhythm by the end.

Unfortunately I was supposed to top all of these with coarse salt and remembered halfway through.  So only half have the salt finale.  I ended up making 17 total.  I put the tray in the fridge and grab them as needed.


There we go.  A small easily digestible snack for long runs!  I took a few of 'em with me on my 19 miler this past Sunday and they worked great.  They were very easy to snack on while I was running but without the messy stickiness of my usual gels.

62 calories / 1.5 fat / 11 carb / 1 protein


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  1. Looks a helluva lot better than gels... those things kill me anymore. If I get some time to make these before a run, I will. Nice food scale (same one here).