Monday, June 17, 2013

Mochiko Krispies

Time to try another recipe from Feed Zone Portables!  However this was not my finest creation.  I had high hopes for this recipe but things did not go as planned.  In the interest of science I will still present my attempt - next time will be better.

The mochiko krispies are energy bars made with rice krispies, chocolate chips, almond milk and a special asian rice flour known as mochiko.  The recipe specifically says not to substitute regular flour for the mochiko as it is the "magic ingredient."  However instead of finding an asian grocery store that sells this magic flour, I opted to use Red Hill white rice flour.  Oh and there's also sugar and butter in these things.


Everything but the rice krispies gets dumped into a bowl and nuked on high for one minute.


Yum, chocolate mush.  Now the recipe said to mix it up and microwave for another 1.5-2 minutes.  I did a minute and a half.


Hmmm.  It came out of the microwave looking pretty cakey.  I think I might have over cooked it.


Now the rice krispies are dumped in and everything is mixed together.


Finally the mixture is spread into a pan and allowed to cool. 


It was supposed to harden into a portable bar but that didn't happen.  It's very crumbly.  I ended up (at my wife's brilliant suggestion) using plastic wrap to roll one serving into a ball and then I put it into the freezer to harden for a bit.

Not long after I took it out and gobbled it up before a trail run.  I felt pretty awful once the run began (quite nauseous) and immediately blamed this, ball.  However after getting stomach pains again this morning I think I may have found the true culprit - bad half 'n half!  Forgive me mochiko bar, you may have been vindicated.

Taste wise, the bar is pretty good (it should be with all that chocolate.)  After a couple days in the fridge they seem stable enough to wrap individually in tinfoil.  For my next batch, I definitely won't nuke the mixture as much which should hopefully make them more sturdy.  I suppose it's possible that my rice flour substitution is the culprit since I didn't use the official mochiko rice flour as commanded but I still think my ingredients will suffice on the next batch.

Calories - 227 / Carbs - 35 / Fat - 9 / Protein - 2 / Sugar - 15


  1. if i had to guess, your mixture was crumbly because you did not use _sweet_ white rice flour. regular white rice flour has much less starch and thus less binding quality. the batch i made using the exact ingredients was perfect. after the second spin in the microwave, it comes out with a creamy cake batter consistency.

    1. Thanks! You're no doubt correct about the flour - I've tried three batches but none of them have really been successful. I'll have to get the real stuff and give it a whirl.