Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly Log: 6.10.13 - 6.16.13

Monday - Ryan Park, North Kingstown, RI - 4.2 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

Legs were pretty tired after the last four days of running so this was just a short trail run to start off the week.  Stuck to the trails on the west side of the park.  I spooked (and was spooked) by a doe and her fawn.  Ran in my MT20s and my ankles were beginning to feel it towards the end.  I've been wearing these a lot lately and think I'm pretty well acclimated to them but I'll probably give 'em a rest until the end of the week.

Tuesday - 0 miles

P90X Chest & Back (40 minutes)

No problems with my elbow when I started doing all the push-ups and pull-ups in this workout but I was 2/3 of the way through and my other elbow started to hurt and feel really tight.  I ended up bailing on the rest of the exercises.  My P90X Guru Ryan suggested I vary the grips/positions I'm using for the push-ups since that's when the pain comes in so I'll take a few days off and give it another shot.

Wednesday - Big River, West Greenwich, RI - 12.2 miles

Another late dance class for Em, another long Big River run for Seth.  I parked at the usual spot off of Exit 6 and was looking forward to building off the knowledge I gleaned from my last run.  Realized I forgot to bring a water bottle for this run which was annoying as my throat was dry but I forgot about it soon enough.  Started again on Log Trail but soon jumped off it to explore Sizzler (or at least trails in its vicinity.)  I figured if I was going to check out some unknown trails best to do it early in the run when I had time to spare.  It was here that the moment I've been dreading arrived - the first deer flies of the season.  Goddamn nasty things - they show no mercy.

I popped out on the New London Turnpike and stayed on the paved road as it headed towards the quarry.  The deer flies retreated back to Sizzler and I was relieved to find that they didn't return for the rest of the run.  Next run here will be much worse, I'd wager.  I was going to take the BR Expressway up to the Hopkins Hill lot but the first stream I encountered was raging and I didn't feel like getting my feet wet.  The water was also a nasty white color thanks to the nearby quarry.  Ah progress!

I turned around and decided to try to find the Lookout.  Shouldn't be a problem as I had already found it once before but when I tried to remember the route I found that it was easier said than done.  I actually looped around the Lookout and eventually found it from the opposite direction (thanks to the Elephant marker I remembered from last time.)  After a few minutes and a few chocolates I left the Lookout and took Elephant trail down to Saw Mill trail.

With the heavy rain I had already encountered water hazards and found another big one as I approached Saw Mill.  Once again I managed to avoid soaking my feet.  I took Saw Mill up to the NL Turnpike and spent a little time on the dirt roads before jumping on Things Go Bump in the Night (the last time I ran with Muddy he chided folks that knew the crazy names of all these trails - sorry Mud, now I'm one of them!)  It was here at 9.5 miles that my water luck ran out.  My foot paths sunk under me at a very wet section and I just had to wade through the muck to the other side.   The rest of the run I heard squish, squish, squish.

I did a little more exploring of the trails adjacent to Big River and then made my way back to the car with weary legs.  Good stuff.

Thursday - Fidelity Trails, Smithfield, RI - 4.3 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes)

Legs were tired after last evening's run so I wanted to take it easy and just get in six easy trail miles before the rains came.  Muddy, wet trails soon soaked my shoes.  My calves were a bit sore which was to be expected but about 2 miles into the run my left shin began to hurt sporadically.  Every 30 seconds or so it would pulse with a dull ache.  A new injury to deal with - awesome!  After a while it seemed to go away but I decided to just cut the run short less nothing became something.

Friday - 0 miles

P90X Legs & Back (60 minutes)

I opted to forgo running this morning in favor of one of my favorite P90X workouts.   No issues doing any of the squat/lunge moves and no elbow pain when doing the various pull-ups.

Saturday - Charlestown, RI - 6.4 miles

Hot midday run on the local roads.  Wasn't sure exactly where I was going but the plan was to run a 10k to complete a Strava challenge.  Quads and glutes were pretty sore from yesterday's Legs & Back - it's been a while.  My mainstay Strava segment - the Nordic Lodge Loop - was recently hijacked by local speedster Chris Garvin.  I knew I didn't have any chance of taking it back but I decided to run it anyway and at least try to improve my personal best.

I was moving slow to begin the segment but I soon started to feel peppy and pick up the pace.  On the return trip from the Lodge I was really moving - in fact Strava says it's my fastest 1/2 mile ever.  Once I hit Old Coach Road my pace dropped and I soon payed for my hard effort with a stitch in my side.  I took it fairly easy for the rest of the run.  After uploading my run I found out that I came a lot closer to reclaiming the segment than I thought - only 24 seconds off the KOM!  I smashed my previous best by almost two minutes.  Watch out Garvin, I shall reclaim my segment yet!

Sunday - Burlingame, Charlestown, RI - 7.7 miles

We were going to Watchaug Pond for a midday swim.  I left early and decided to run Vin Gormley counterclockwise.  I tried out my latest culinary creation prior to the run and it did not agree with me.  Within a half mile I began feeling nauseous and the feeling persisted for some time.  I felt pretty blah and didn't have any pep.  The trail was muddy with several areas of standing water blocking the trail.

After about three miles I began to feel better and my pace improved somewhat but I never really found a good groove.  I kept the pace easy and plodded along, taking breaks to observe the heavy water at various streams.  No mountain bikers which wasn't a surprise however I saw quite a few runners on the trail.  When I finished I thought I'd enjoy a dip in the pond but it was pretty cold and I'm a wuss.

Spent the rest of Father's Day puttering around in the yard before enjoying a big cookout that Amanda put together.  Pulled pork, fried onion strings, mango salad, frozen chocolate peanut things.  I'm going to roll over to the couch now.

Weekly mileage: 34.8 miles

Year to Date: 814.2 miles

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