Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Out of My Element

Ten years ago I bought my first new car - a Honda Element (when ruminating over possible choices, I think Amanda had mentioned the Element.  It stuck.)  This car appealed to me.  It was strangely shaped, green and had a manual transmission.  The back seats would fold up along the sides and you could fit a shitload of stuff in it.  We used it several times for moving and I scrounged a lot of wood in it (forgive my lack of affections woodpile, I will return to you!)  The Element took us to the infamous Phish festival at Coventry and on family excursions to New Hampshire and Virginia.  It was a good car.  But the ravages of time takes its toll on man and car alike.  With 240,000 miles on it and the back struts shot to hell, it was time to move on and say goodbye to the green machine.

Goodnight sweet prince

And so I procrastinated, borrowing my grandmother's car and delaying the inevitable.  Finally, I checked out a couple cars and quickly settled on a 2012 Honda Civic. 

The new white fury

I have a long commute so getting significantly better mileage than the Element is appreciated.

MPG only looks this good at the start of a tank but I still average upper 30s

Of course two weeks later I get rear ended.  Awesome.  Luckily the other guy's insurance will be taking care of it.

Only had the damn thing for 2+ weeks.  Thanks for that.

Still I will miss the Element.  We shared many adventures and logged many miles.  I haven't got rid of it yet so if anyone is interested in a beat up green machine lemme know!


  1. thant sucks about the new car - good luck
    I as well had to get a new car (last year). I had to give up my truck of 14years - treated that better than my wife (hi julie)

  2. "White Fury" might be a good nickname for car and driver alike!