Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Log: 1.6.13 - 1.12.13

Monday - Smithfield, RI - 6.4 miles

I hemmed and hawed over this morning's run.  I knew it would be a slushy mess because it was warm out.   I had considered Wolf Hill but decided the climbs would be too messy.  Opted to run at Ryan Park instead and thew on my really minimal MT00s.  But driving up, Ryan Park didn't seem particularly compelling.  So I kept driving and then a good idea popped into my head: I'll run this flat trail near Wolf Hill.  It's only a mile long but I can always run it back and then jump on the roads.

It was strange being two days removed from the chilly Old Mountain 5k yet running in shorts and a tech shirt.  As soon as I started it was a goddamn slushfest.  My minimal footwear was soaked through immediately and my feet were freezing!  I started to keep to the sides of the path which provided less liquid to trounce through.  I passed under powerlines and almost immediately my brain began to reroute my run.  At the end of the trail, I jumped on the roads and took them back to the powerlines which I then took into Wolf Hill.  The allure of Wolf Hill would not be denied!  I had to step carefully in places because of the rocks and my protection-less shoes.  But it was crazy-awesome weather.  Foggy and lots of wind.  It was warm but occasionally I would be enveloped in a mist cloud and the temperature drop would be dramatic - it gave me an intense recollection of that Dr. Geyser raft ride at Story Land.  You know when you go into that foggy cave near the end?  Yeah, it felt like that.

I spied some new trails I was unfamiliar with.  The property owners had been careful to disguise the entrance so that it could not be seen from the powerlines but the snow betrayed them.  I explored them briefly until I came to the No Trespassing sign a ways in.  My feet didn't chill as badly once the run was underway.  But my calf began to ache halfway through.  Probably not the best idea to don the minimalist shoes when I know they're aching.  Sometimes it's hard to resist though!

Tuesday - Charlestown, RI - 1.2 miles

Ab Ripper X (15 minutes) / 100 push-ups (military/standard/wide)

It was friggin' cold out there at 5:15 AM!  Did a short loop with the dog then we retreated back to the house.  Grunted my way through Ab Ripper and then did push-ups at random moments through the next hour.

Wednesday - 0 miles

I had already committed to not running today to give my calf a rest - the arctic temperatures outside had nothing to do with it I assure you.  I did have plans to do Yoga in the morning but distractions got the better of me.

Thursday - North Kingstown, RI - 6.3 miles

P90X Shoulders & Arms (60 minutes)

Had a really good workout this morning.  My core and shoulders were still sore from the Ab Ripper/push-ups on Tuesday but I plowed through this routine anyway.  Felt good and my numbers are starting to bounce back to pre-P90X hiatus form.

Then I had to get up to work for a meeting so I opted to run in the evening before band practice.  I had a stressful day and definitely needed to run even though I arrived at my buddy Jay's house in no mood.  It was cold but not that cold.  Threw on the cold compression gear and a headlamp and off I went.  Ran down Snuff Mill Road and looped around back to Route 1A.  I was moving well and felt good.  Between the headlamp and the moonlight there was enough visiblity to keep the heebee-jeebees at bay.

From here I took the main path down into Rome Point.  So quiet in there and the trails are smooth enough to make night running pretty easy.  Jumped onto the beach and was pleased how hard the sand had become.  Running high up on the beach was a breeze.  The water was completely still.  Ended up taking the beach all the way back to Jay's neighborhood.  I could barely see footprints in the sand - remnants of Jonny's earlier run?

Friday -Smithfield, RI - 2.5 miles

What an awful morning.  First I tried to do Ab Ripper.  I expected soreness during the routine but got actual pain instead.  Guess I overdid it on Tuesday.  Ab Ripper aborted.

Then my morning commute was absolutely dreadful - the worst I've experienced in some time.  Snow flurries turned rush hour into gridlock and I arrived at work miserable with barely any time to run.  I was going to bail on the run completely but instead convinced myself to get in a short 25 minute run.  I parked next to the woods and off I went...

I stepped onto the dirt road and immediately hit a sheet of ice and went down hard on my side.  Awesome!  Tentative steps confirmed that there were ice sheets all around.  I hugged the sides of the road and made my way to the powerlines which had better traction.  The powdery snow was pleasant to run in but there were still ice dangers all around, which kept me from really enjoying myself.  I almost bought some yaktrax a couple days ago but I wanted to hold out for the runner-specific ones.  I was regretting that decision now.  I attempted to take another dirt road back but it was a giant ice luge and I found myself flailing and grabbing onto branches.  Finally found a safe route back but right before I got to the car I rolled that ankle again.  I went down hard, cursed and eventually made a slow jog back to the car.  2.5 miles of awfulness.  Should've just skipped the run altogether.

Had a fun gig in the evening at Tara's down in Matunuck.  Good crowd came out on a rainy Friday night.  We'll be back there on February 28th so mark your calendar.

Saturday -Hopkinton, RI - 6.5 miles

While Ezri was at dance class, I did an easy run on the neighborhood roads.  Legs are pretty beat up from the yesterday's pratfalls on the ice as well as the sore ankle.  They felt alright once I started running but they didn't have much pep.

Sunday - Resolution 5k - 10.2 miles

19:28.  8th overall.  Report here.

Weekly Mileage: 33.2 miles

Year to Date: 53.3 miles

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  1. I had Yaks in the car, but with just a small amount of snow, didn't think I'd need them...I feel your pain...