Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Log: 2.9.15 - 2.15.15

Monday - 0 miles

Ow!  Achy quads after yesterday's snow slog at Ryan Park.  Think I'll take it easy today.

Tuesday - Charlestown, RI/Seekonk, MA - 7.5 miles

I took Oliver out for 3.5 miles in the morning.  At lunch, I drove off in search of viable running grounds.  I decided to see if the Caratunk Sanctuary was broken in at all but there was a trash collector that appeared to be stuck getting out of the parking lot.  The neighborhood roads on the opposite side of the road were snow covered and promising so I backtracked to a nearby empty parking lot at a church.  Slapped on the Yaktrax and after a short section of pavement I reached the neighborhood.  These roads were great with the 'trax.  The trash truck finally got out of the parking lot and I checked out the trails.  Someone had some luck snowshoeing but I sank in deep almost immediately and decided to return to the snowy roads for the rest of the run.

Wednesday - Wakefield/Hopkinton, RI - 10.1 miles

I had an MRI in the morning on my janky neck that's making my whole right arm numb.  But I had a few minutes to kill so I the hit the nearby roads.  Not too cold and the roads had good crunch snow for traction.  It was my first time in the MRI machine - it didn't bother me too much but I could see it freaking people out.

I had to pick Em up from dance so I got there an hour early and ran in the dark.  It was in the high teens but I felt good.  Hadn't been on these roads in awhile.

Thursday - 0 miles

No run today - instead I used my lunch break for some beard love at Chez Moustache.  So glad they had parking available.  The East Side is slowly being crushed by snow.

Friday - Charlestown, RI - 12.6 miles

I took the day off since the furnace guy was coming in the morning to service the furnace.  I took Oliver out for a couple miles before he showed up.  Sweet niblets it was cold.  We both wanted to get it over with - it might be our fastest dog jog ever.  Then I brewed what I think will be a kickass IPA.

Towards the end of the day I set out and did a lollipop shaped route up to Biscuit City Road.  I love this road's name and took the opportunity to explore a few side streets I'd never been on.  Around mile six I got a call from my nurse practitioner with the MRI results.  Not good.  Apparently I've got bulging discs, narrowed nerves - that's some repugnant shit!  Next step is to see a spinal doctor.

But this call came while I was in the middle of a great run so I took the news in stride (hyuck, hyuck). Roads are finally looking much clearer after all the recent storms.  Of course we've got more snow this weekend.  The fun never ends.

Saturday - Charlestown, RI - 3.7 miles

More goddamn snow.  We had to push Ezri's birthday party to next weekend.  I'm sure we'll get more snow then but what are you going to do?  I did a short run with Oliver as some big fat flakes began to fall.  Then we retreated back to the house for the latest storm.  Amanda made stuffies for dinner as I had requested them - she is a such a super lady.

Sunday - 0 miles

Props to all my running friends that ventured out to get in some blizzard runs.

Weekly Mileage: 33.9 miles

Year to Date: 159.8 miles

Good week of running!  This was actually my highest mileage week since mid-October.  Yikes!  But a lot of positive runs this week.  Pretty good considering I only ran four days.


  1. Bummer about the neck diagnosis. Should we start calling you "Janky Seth?" Nice job training through it; hopefully the body starts feeling better as the weather warms up...whenever that is.

  2. Oh man. Best of luck with those bulging disks. Wishing you a speedy recovery with that.

  3. That sucks on the bulging disks. I've been following a friend's knee pain and shinsplints and it all came from her siatica. It truly is amazing how the human body works, or in some cases, doesn't work. One part is off and a part you'd never think would show symptoms shows them. Good luck!