Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Log: 9.14.15 - 9.20.15

Monday - North Kingstown, RI - 3.2 miles

Evening run from my mom's house.

Tuesday - North Kingstown, RI - 5.6 miles

Basic Quonset loop

Wednesday - Smithfield, RI - 8.3 miles

215 push-ups (standard/military/wide) 35/30/40/40/30/40

Got out early and up to my old place of work to run the trails behind Fidelity.  They really are great trails and there's so many of them.  I miss them.

Thursday - North Kingstown, RI - 12 miles

Planks (53 / 55 / 58 / 58 / 62)
Chin-ups (3 / 4 / 4)

Did a run up to Calf Point.  I hadn't been here since they finished connection the two portions of the bike path.  I stopped for a bit on the beach to reflect and watch some fish swim near shore.  A couple fitness stations had been built along the path and I did a couple chin-ups at each one.

Friday - West Greenwich, RI - 8 miles

Parked at the Hopkins Hill lot to run around Carr Pond at Big River.  I attempted to find that cool rocky section that Galoob added to this year's Big River race but I failed.  Instead I passed a couple of mountain bikers and ran in circles a few times.  Rolled my left ankle bad with 1/4 mile to go.  Fun run though.

Saturday - 0 miles

Saturday - Exeter, RI - 10 miles

I went out to Arcadia to do a long run, parking at the Midway.  A big group of young runners passed just as I arrived, heading up along the dirt road.  They were gone by the time I set out.  I had brought my ankle brace since my left ankle was feeling very weak from numerous recent rolls.  The thing was a tangled mess and I gave up though.

My right calf seized up something fierce in the night and it was very sore this morning.  It loosened up once I started running.  I ran up to Breakheart Pond and then took the Breakheart trail around.  I had intended to head up to the Stepstone Falls and run the brutal hill up to Escoheag Rd but by the time I reached the Ben Utter Trail my calf was really starting to become uncomfortable.  I decided to just bail on the added miles and head back towards the car.  Not as far as I wanted but no point in pushing the point with a janky calf.  On the plus side I managed to not roll my shitty ankle.

Weekly Mileage: 47.3 miles
Year to Date: 1,435.3

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