Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weekly Log: 11.23.15 - 11.29.15

Monday - Charlestown, RI - 2.7 miles

Just an easy dog jog in the morning.

Tuesday - Johnston, RI - 7.5 miles

A morning run in the Snake Den.  I got some new Salomon trail shoes on clearance.  I really dug 'em and the quick tie laces - until one of them broke off fifteen minutes into the run.  I sort of tied it up to hold it together and continued on.  This was a fun run and the climbs were good. I was surprised at the fire damage near the sketchy tire area.  Apparently there had been brush fires back in May which spread into the Den.

Wednesday - Charlestown, RI - 6.5 miles

I got to work from home the day before Thanksgiving so I hit up Carter Preserve after dropping Ezri off at school.  It was fairly cold out there but I warmed up quick.  I did my usual Carter run including a stint along the traintracks.  The land trust bought additional land and have been clearing a ton of it.  It'll be interesting to see what becomes of it.

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 5.1 miles

I took Oliver for a long run in the morning up to the Nordic Lodge.  A nice easy run before the feast.

Friday - Charlestown, RI - 13 miles

I wanted to get a long run in and we were going to a friend's house for a party at Curtis Corner. Amanda suggested I run there which proved to be fun.  I went down Worden's Pond and then up Ministerial to hit the bike path.  I explored a few short trails along the bike path as I went.  The pace was fairly snappy towards the end and I got to shower at my destination before feasting.  Good run!

Saturday - Exeter, RI - 10.5 miles

In the morning I parked at Cuttyhunk and did a mix of trails and Stony Lane.  The miles from yesterday caught up with me by the halfway point and the rest of the run was a slog.  The last few miles were tough but I explored some new trails north of Cuttyhunk which made the effort worth it.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 2.4 miles

My legs were beat from the previous two d.ays.  I had hoped to grind out a few more miles to reach fifty but it seemed to be a silly goal.  Instead I hiked in Carter Preserve with the family.  We saw a runner off in the distance who proved to be Jonny.  It's funny, the Strava flyby showed we almost ran into him twice.

Weekly Mileage: 47.4 miles

Year to Date: 1,831.9 miles

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