Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekly Log: 12.7.15 - 12.13.15

Monday - Huntington Beach, CA - 6.2 miles

We were flying out of California at 1 PM.  I got up early, packed my suitcases and went out for a farewell run as the sky lightened.  I struggled on the deep sand for a mile before spending a few minutes on the pier, watching the many surfers enjoy the big waves.  I can see the appeal though surfing isn't for me.  Then I spent a few minutes on the neighbor streets checking out the small but groovy houses.  A quick stop for souvenirs for the girls and then I finished with a few more miles on the bike path/beach.  I will miss it here.

Tuesday - 0 miles

Back in Rhode Island and I took Miriam up to look at UMass Amherst so no time for a run today.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Even though I had another day off I just couldn't motivate myself to run early.  The day got away from me and the run never happened.

Thursday - North Kingstown/Providence, RI - 14.7 miles

To make up for yesterday, I opted for a double today.  First I did an easy tour of Ryan Park.  Let's hope the 4th Season race there is runnable this year.  When I arrived at the office I realized I left my lunch at home.  Curses!  I ordered a falafel for lunch from East Side Pockets and then ran over there to pick it up.  Carrying the wrap all the way back to the office was a pain but it sure was tasty.

Friday - 0 miles

Only two days of work this week but I just didn't have any time to run today.

Saturday - Hopkinton, RI - 5.5 miles

After dropping Ezri at a birthday party, I ventured to Long Pond and ran the technical, steep trails there.  Plenty of hikers enjoying the beautiful day.  After two miles of rocky trails, I stuck with roads to get back to the car.  A short run that was fun but it wore me out.

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 15 miles

Met up with Muddy at the Breachway Grill and we ran a mix of road and beach.  We started at the Breachway but the beach was more work than we liked so we took roads over to Green Hill.  We struggled through another mile of beach (with a surprisingly high number of dead seagulls) before sticking to roads for the remainder of the run.  We weren't going that fast but this run wore me out.  Probably a mix of the beach miles and being out of shape.

Weekly Mileage: 41.4 miles
Year to Date: 1916.3 miles

Pleased to get to 40 miles this week despite taking so many zeroes.  And now I've only got another 84 miles to go to hit 2000 for the year.  Almost there!

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