Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Log: 1.4.16 - 1.10.16 - Sloth Week

My inner shin had felt weird since the Resolution 5k.  Achy at times and tiingly/pinched at others.  I thought a few days of rest to start the week would take care of it but here I am a week later and still feeling its twinges.  As a result, I didn't run a single time this week.  I was going to run today in the downpours but I've decided to complete the week in style but staying in my PJs all day.  My first zero since mid-2014 I think.

Probably for the best.  I did get in 120 push-ups at one lunch this week and I felt it for two days.  I think I'm going to dedicate January to other forms of exercise.  Get back to a consistent Yoga routine and maybe dust off the hand weights. Oh I'll still run but probably keep the mileage low for the rest of the month and get ready to ramp things up in mid-February.

At least that's the plan as it stands today!

Weekly Mileage: ZERO
Year to Date: 10 miles

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  1. Hope your body starts to cooperate soon! I wondered why I hadn't seen anything on Strava... gak that wasn't supposed to sound stalkerish...