Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Log: 12.28.15 - 1.3.16

The end of the 2015 and the beginning of a new year!  I have four days to cover 29 miles to hit my arbitrary goal of 2000 miles for the year.  My totals are of course questionable: I relied on Garmin's data for the most part, though I began to round up Jonny-style for any trails runs in the last few months.  In reality I probably hit 2k some time ago but I must rely on my technological mistress.  My feet are sore and tired but I will grind out these last 29!

Not to mention that the second race of the 4th season is this weekend: the often frigid Resolution 5k at Scarborough Beach!

Monday - Charlestown, RI - 14 miles

We were going to a party at a friends' house at Curtis Corner in S.K. so the wife suggested I run there as I had done before.  Capital idea!  I left at 3:15 and brought the headlamp as I knew I'd be finishing in the dark.  Chilly out there but with a compression top I was plenty warm.  I took the Narragansett Trail over to Route 2 which began the worst part of the run.  Running along Route 2 is never great and I was happy to finally jump off it towards the Kingston train station.  Once past the train station the rest of the run was on the bike path.  Now it finally was night and a little spooky out there.  My watch had died by this point but I think I was moving pretty well (because of the spookiness).  A good run with enough mileage to move the chains.

Tuesday - Charlestown, RI - 4 miles

A sluggish day and I didn't have much oomph.  Another wifely suggestion: take the dog out.  So we ventured out as night fell and ground out four miles.  Feet were achy but I'm glad we got a few more miles done.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Another sluggish day with no drive.  I've got 11 miles to go and decided to just bag together and wrap it up on NYE.

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 12.5 miles

From the house I went over to Worden's Pond Road and then took the sand dunes/dirt road to the DuVal Trail.  It's always fun to run this trail.  I was moving well once I returned to road, the adrenaline of finishing this year in style I guess.  I checked out a new housing development off of Shannock - this might be just the ticket to connect to the South Farm pastures.  We'll see!  I ended up with 1.5 miles more than I needed and some sore shins.  But I did it - 2000 miles for the year for the first time!

Saturday - Charlestown, RI - 3.5 miles

Took the dog for an easy stroll up to South Farm.

Sunday - Narragansett, RI - 10 miles

Resolution 5k.  Windy.  14th overall.  Report forthcoming.

Weekly Mileage: 40.7 miles
Year to Date (2015): 2001.7 miles
Year to Date (2016): 13.5 miles

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