Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly Log: 2.22.16 - 2.28.16

The make-up date for the Belleville Pond 10k is this Saturday.  I'm not any more prepared than I would have been a few weeks ago but no matter I'll run it just the same.  Next week is the Ocean's Run 1/2 Marathon which I signed up for a lifetime ago.  I'm certainly not in any shape for a long road race so I'll probably end up bailing on that one.

Monday - East Providence, RI - 4.1 miles

5:30 of Planks (Elbow - 2:22 / Left straight arm - 1:07 / Right straight arm- 0:48 / Straight arm - 1:10)

I wanted a nice easy four miles to start off the week.  It's another beautiful February day at 50 degrees.  I went over to run the bike path in Riverside but it didn't take long before the ankle made itself known.  By two miles it was aching and the run back I was miserable and dejected.  It hurt considerably afterwards and I had a noticeable limp.  A bummer of a run.

Tuesday - 0 miles

6:03 of Planks (Elbow - 3:07 / Left straight arm - 1:02 / Right straight arm- 0:47 / Straight arm - 1:05)
A new plank PR of 3:07!

Started the day with my best plank yet.  I'm starting to see some progress now that I'm doing them consistently.  I like this workout - it's short and sweet provided I can motivate myself to do it in the morning after my shower.  If I delay it until later it usually doesn't get done.

At lunch time I went to Yoga for the first time in a long time.  Good session.

Wednesday - East Providence, RI - 4.7 miles

5:04 of Planks (Elbow - 2:06 / Left straight arm - 0:53 / Right straight arm- 0:43 / Straight arm - 1:20)

Dropped the car off for an oil change in the morning and ran back to the office.  With a light drizzle my hands were freezing by the end of this 1.5 mile run.  In the afternoon I made a longer route to pick up the car.  It was raining pretty steadily throughout.  I forgot shorts so I had to run in my white track pants which are straight pimpin'.  Sadly I tripped on a broken up sidewalk and went down, ripping up the pants and both of my fleece gloves.  Now soaking wet and filthy, the blood began to run down the pant leg, completing the look.  Between this, hiking and the thorns of the Great Swamp my legs are looking so so pretty.  At least the ankle wasn't that bad.

Thursday - Seekonk, MA - 3 miles

5:28 of Planks (Elbow - 2:22 / Left straight arm - 1:06 / Right straight arm- 0:50 / Straight arm - 1:10)
135 push-ups (standard/military/wide) 30/20/30/20/15/20

Another morning of planking to start the day.  I do like this quick workout.  Tried to do push-ups later in the morning and I was feeling the effects of the planks (I also just haven't done push-ups in a while).  I went for a three mile run at Seekonk Meadows but it was a struggle.  The ankle acted up almost immediately and the whole run was a chore.  Hopefully when I go to the doctor next week I'll find out what the issue is.  I'm afraid the diagnosis might just be an incurable shitty ankle.

Friday - 0 miles

Home with a sick Ezri.

Saturday - Belleville Pond 10k - 7.7 miles

Official time: 46:02.  24th overall.  Report forthcoming.

Thanks to painkillers the race wasn't too bad and I felt alright until the evening when my ankle really began to ache from the usual jankiness as well as rolling it badly during the race.

Sunday - 0 miles

An easy day of organizing the house.  My ankle is sore, as it is my penance for trying to run a race yesterday.

Weekly Mileage: 19.5 miles
Year to Date: 104.5 miles

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