Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Resolution 5k 2017

Official time: 21:12.  16th overall.  10th in Age Group.  Results here.

Always a fun way to start the year, Mike Galoob's Resolution 5k is a mix of beach and non-technical trails.  The conditions have generally been pretty good for winter but this year looked to mix things up with an impending snow storm.  The beach was hardpacked but the trails had a choppy snow based on my warm-up.  It was cold with the wind but not numbingly so.  Ten minutes before the race began, snow began to fall at a sideways angle from the heavy wind.

And we're off! - Photo by Scott Mason

We lined up on the beach and were off, with people taking a variety of lines towards the turnaround.  The wind was at our back and I tried to monitor my pace based on my position to everyone else.  Not long after the turnaround Leslie O'Dell and a couple guys passed me.  I tried to hold on but they began to put distance on me.  We were running into the wind now and the snow was blinding me and stinging my eyes.  We left the solid sand and hit the choppy snow which gave me a chance to catch up.  But it was short lived and by the road section they put distance on me again.

Once we passed the Black Point parking lot and entered the trails I was in no man's land.  I couldn't catch up with the group and was worried about someone gaining on me.  My Speedcross handled the snow well - there was little ice to speak of and traction wasn't an issue this time.  The group ahead began to splinter as we approached the old ruins but I still wasn't gaining.

I made a little headway on folks during the last beach section but their lead was too great and I wasn't able to do anything.  I finished 16th.  Not a particularly great race time or place wise but I haven't been doing anything towards speed so I'm not surprised at the results.  By now the snow was really coming down and all the guys had fine ice beards.  I used my cooldown as an opportunity to take a couple GoPro shots and then return to the finish to snack and get crumbs stuck in my beard.

Here's a couple of the videos I shot:

The Rhode Runners once again came correct and narrowly beat the WTAC men.  The WTAC fared better however.  It should be a good competition this year!  By now the snow was piling up and staying warm was difficult.  The roads were already crappy by the time I headed home and I was happy to get home to the family and batten down for the storm.  Looking forward to the next race at Old Mountain Field.

Time to go home to the fire
Photo by Scott Mason


  1. Great post and start to the racing season! Nice to see you healthy and out on the trails. I'm hoping to try to make more races in this series this year. Keep up the good work.

  2. Another excellent recap of another epic 4th Season race! Bring on Old Mountain, and the sufferfests!