Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekly Log: 1.9.17 - 1.15.17

Monday - East Providence, RI - 7.1 miles

5:30 minutes of planks (longest - 2:32)

BRRR.  It was a brisk 20 degrees outside but luckily the city didn't get as much snow as South County.  I went over to the 10 Mile River bikepath.  As with last winter they plowed the first 1/2 mile of it.  After that there were plenty of tracks in the snow.  I broke trail in the woods for a bit and then returned to the bike path and followed some of the most well trod paths.  Running in fresh snow wasn't too bad but I was getting a good amount in my shoes. It was tough work at times and I certainly wasn't cold by the end of the run.

Tuesday - Charlestown, RI - 7 miles

4:20 minutes of planks (longest - 2:19)

There was no heat in the office so I got to work from home today.  Rejoice!  Wasn't sure about the snow/traction in the woods so I opted to run along the beach.  Tide was very low.  Left ankle was very sore for the second half of this one - I think from the slope of the beach.  While playing video games at night my left calf seized up something awful.

Wednesday - East Providence, RI - 4.2 miles

4 minutes of planks (longest - 2:00)

My calf is very sore to the touch today.  But I thought a short easy jog might help warm it up.  Speaking of warm - it was 52 degrees outside today!  The snow from the weekend storm is pretty much all gone now.  Did four miles on the East Bay bike path.  Calf ached throughout.  I should do some foam rolling tonight.

Thursday - 0 miles

5 minutes of planks (longest - 2:31)

My calf didn't feel much better after yesterday's run (big surprise) so I decided to be reasonable and take a rest day today.  Friggin' 60 degrees outside.

Friday - East Providence, RI - 8.7 miles

4:15 planks (longest: 1:55)

I decided to run the loop up around Pawtucket and over to Blackstone Blvd.  I meant for it to be a slow run but my body was responding right off the bat so I kept it up.  I was fighting the wind early on but once I began the return trip I pushed the pace on the Blackstone running path.  I kept it up to the office and ended up with a pretty good progression run.

Saturday - 0 miles

3:50 planks (longest: 1:45)

It wasn't until I got home last night that I realized that I had a pretty nasty blood blister on my fourth toe.  Apparently the Hoka's really cramped my little toes together.  It was painful to walk with for a little while but I got used to it eventually.  Hopefully running with it won't be an issue.

Sunday - West Greenwich, RI - 15 miles

4:00 minutes planks (longest: 2:03)

Early morning running plans fell apart and then I lost motivation and played Grand Theft Auto.  By midday I had to take Ezri to my parents and that perked me up for a long run.  I decided to go with Big River and stick to almost all trails.  The parking lot at Greasy Joe's was packed with cars.  Mostly mountain bikers I'm guessing but I also encountered many hikers with dogs.  I did a big counterclockwise loop, sticking to the New London Turnpike until I was past Hopkins Hill Road.  Then I took twisty trails that ran along the ponds and waterways of Big River.  Sawmill and the BR Expressway brought me over to the Hopkins Hill parking lot and it wasn't until I approached Carr Pond that I began to feel the effects of the long run.  A fun run overall and I need to keep these long efforts up as my legs were toast later in the day.

Weekly Mileage: 42 miles

Year to Date: 78.8 miles

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