Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Log: 1.23.17 - 1.29.17

I'm heading up to NH this weekend for some winter hiking.  Can't wait!  Until then it looks like a week of cold, wet runs awaits me here in Rhode Island.

Monday - 0 miles

5:30 minutes of planks (longest - 3:05)

I got into my running garb at lunch and even made it out to my car but the cold mix of rain and sleet was more than I could bear.  I admit that I gave up, went back inside and changed.  Then I went and got Wendys.  Shameful.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 8 miles

6 minutes of planks (longest - 3:03)

After yesterday's shame I was determined to get out and run today.  It was a cold sideways rain when I started on the East Bay bike path but the rain stopped soon after and the four miles out to Riverside went quickly.  I was moving well in the low 7s.  A big honkin' tree had fell onto the path just before it reached Riverside but I climbed through and kept going.  Was going to turn around at 3.5 miles but I felt so good I kept going to the 4 mile mark.  As soon as I turned around I realized I was duped - the wind blasted me in the face and the rain really began to come down to spite me.  But I kept the pace up on the way back and was really satisfied when I finished the run.  My right nip began to sting for the last couple miles but luckily I made it back to the car before the bleeding began.

Wednesday - 0 miles

5:30 minutes of planks (longest - 3:05)

My poor nip is tender from yesterday's run.  And I was having some aching in my left knee.  That and my complete lack of enthusiasm for running resulted in another zero.  I don't feel as bad about this one as Monday.  Just not into it today.  Ran some errands instead.

Thursday - Seekonk, MA - 6.3 miles

6:30 minutes of planks (longest: 3:38)

Quite the pattern this week.  Bail on running one day and the next day tough it out in cold wet conditions.  Despite the constant drizzle I made it back to the Seekonk High track for the second week in a row.  More 400s.  Ran 8 of 'em like last week but my pace was a bit faster.  Progress I suppose.  It rained lightly throughout and I was afraid for my tender nip as I had completely forgot to bring bandaids or lubricant.  Luckily it seemed unaffected by the rain.  Really glad I got this run done.

Friday - 0 miles

6:30 minutes of planks (3:25)

Three days off this week.  S'ok, I'm just considering it a taper for the hard effort on the trails I'll be putting in this weekend.  New Hampshire ho!

Saturday - New Hampshire - 12.5 miles

A tough snowshoe hike up Mt Carrigain to start the day - didn't quite make it and turned around at 4.5 miles.  A much easier 3.5 miler up Peaked Mountain next to North Conway later in the afternoon.  Maybe I'll write up a report later.

Sunday - New Hampshire - 10 miles

Great hike up to North and South Kinsman past Lonesome Lake.  #34 and #35 on the 4000 footer list for me.  Perhaps a write up for this one too if I get around to it.

Weekly Mileage: 36.8 miles
Year to Date: 158.9 miles

Great weekend of winter hiking in the Whites and I learned some good lessons.  I know it's kind of silly to just lump that mileage along with my regular running mileage but slag off!  That's what I'm gonna do!

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