Friday, January 26, 2018

Week 3: 1.15.18 - 1.21.18

Ankle finally began to feel better this week.  Doc confirmed that nothing major going on - just a bad strain.  Did a short run along the bike path which felt fine so I guess I've got no more excuses.

Wife and I went up to Conway for a couple days.  We hiked Waumbek which was a tough hike for her but she did it!  #40 for me.  I got a sweet gimbal for my GoPro which really improves the footage.  Take a look:

Weekly Mileage: 13 miles / Year to Date: 33.6 miles

Time on Feet: 5h 23m / Year to Date: 10h 6m

Elevation: 3000 feet / Year to Date: 5193 feet

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  1. Awesome video, very smooth and pleasant to watch! Well done! Gorgeous views, thank you for sharing.