Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Shots: Dog Days

It's hot out there folks and my garden successes and failures have been magnified in this oppressive heat.  Here are some recent photos from the yard...

My rain barrel set-up.  It ain't pretty or fancy but it gets the job done.  Sure I could run a hose from the house but then I'd be using our well water and taxing our well pump.  The rain barrel does a good job considering it has to move the water 75 feet to the garden.  Ah the power of pressure and gravity!

Here's the garden.  Lots of empty space as I just had harvested the garlic and pulled up the dying peas.  A less than stellar cucumber crop adds to the emptiness.

Squash and cucumbers wilt in the noon day sun.

Tomatillos are growing well and beginning to develop fruit.

My brussel sprouts on the other hand have been undone by worms.

My peppers were pretty sad for a while but they've finally found their mojo.


Ol' Owley protects the garden.

We're starting to pick the sun gold cherries.  Yummers.

The sad remains of my sunflower and foxglove armada.   The foxglove had their day in the sun but now their flowers are long gone, leaving dessicated husks behind.  As for my poor sunflowers - deer came in the night and ravaged them.  They left a few but my spirit was broken.  June bugs finished off the remaining ones while we were off on vacation.  There will be no glorious sunflower bounty this year.


  1. Nice garden! We can do herbs here really well, but fail at pretty much everything else except weeds. I can grow the heck outta some weeds.

  2. Vine borers crushed my zucchini, squash, and pumpkins and turned the vines (and thus plants) into mush. Flea beetles really hurt my eggplant. Japanese beetles trying to obliterate the pole beans. I feel your pain. The only thing that has done really well is the subterranean stuff (taters, garlic and beets).

    At least there's still running, pal.

  3. Men and their gardens... Broccoli worms never hurt anyone. Although my dad used to nix them with a little seven or is it siven? Still impressive, for someone who can't even get crab grass to flourish. Well lilies but some butt munch wacked off the best stalk... blargh.