Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Portables Redux

I've made a couple of new batches of some of the snacks I've blogged about and I wanted to post some updates.

I made some more Banana Honey rice balls.  Last time I used a mold that was too big.  I wanted to make 'em smaller but I also wanted to ramp up the banana taste.  So I used two bananas instead of one and a smaller mold.  The combination was probably too much - I ended up with 32 rice balls!  I'm happy with the hightened banana flavor and they are certainly more portable than the last batch.  The only drawback is that with the smaller size I'll need to carry more to get the calories I'm looking for.

New stats: Calories 50 / Carb 11 / Fat 0 / Protein 1

I also made another batch of the Mochiko Krispies.  I overcooked the mix in the previous attempt so I was careful not to microwave it as long this time.  I also used a kitchen tool to keep the krispies on one side of the pan, making the bars thicker.  While squishy at first, they hardened up after some time in the freezer.  They're a bit grainy but even with less chocolate chips they are super chocolaty.  Because I made four instead of six they are a high calorie snack so you've got to earn these.

New stats: Calories 317 / Carb 49 / Fat 12 / Protein 3

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  1. Good idea to use a muffin tin for the rice balls! I've made rice balls from the Portables cookbook a few times - my favorite is rice with almond butter and dates.

    I'll have to try making the other thing you made - looks good!