Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Log: 8.20.14 - 8.26.14

Bimbler's Bluff is done with and I survived.  Hooray!  There will probably be zero running this week as I recover and plan for a weekend hiking trip with my lovely wife.  This will be a quiet weekly log.

Monday - 0 miles

Oh my legs!  Sore all over!  Bimbler's Bluff really did a number on them.  Stairs are very hard.  The good news is that my bad knee isn't particularly "bad" this morning so hopefully I didn't frig it up too much more.

Tuesday - 0 miles

Movement in the legs is returning to normal but they are still quite sore.  For whatever reason my left calf has begun to really ache.

Wednesday - 0 miles

36 pull-ups (standard/wide) 6/8/5/7/4/6

That left calf is still very sore.  Strange.  Otherwise the legs are feeling better.  I did some pull-ups this morning so that's something I guess.

Thursday - 0 miles

Went over the Yoga studio for a lunchtime session.

Friday - 0 miles

No running but Amanda and I hiked up to our hut in the Whites.

Saturday - 0 miles

More fun hiking adventures with my lovely wife.  Separate report forthcoming.

Sunday - 0 miles

Zero (running) miles this week and that's fine with me!  Post Bimbler's I plan on taking it easy for a couple weeks and let this knee heal up.

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