Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekly Log: 1.19.15 - 1.25.15

Monday - Westerly, RI - 8 miles

Nothing like a three day weekend.  A group WTAC run was organized at the very reasonable hour of 8 AM starting at Jeff's house.  We had a large group - Jeff and Matthew Walker, Jonny, Mikes B & C and Tommy and Shara.  The roads were very slick with ice and we had to tread carefully in places.  We took roads down to Watch Hill and then took the beach back to Misquamicut.  Fun run with good conversation.  I wore that knee strap again and it seemed to work well - no knee discomfort.

While the knee issue seems to finally be on the way out, my neck/arm/finger nerve issue is still a bother.  Went to the doctor in late morning and we're going to see if we can knock it out with medicine.  If not, then PT and and MRI might be necessary to get to the bottom of it.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 4.3 miles

Back to the grind, I decided to hit up the East Bay Bike Path and scope out the Squantum Woods.  You can't actually access it from the bike path so I had to run up to the Veteran's Memorial Parkway to access it.  Not much there - a couple trails littered with beer cans though one breaks out into unauthorized territory that had great views of the bike path and the bay beyond.  Another good knee run with the strap.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Three days of running in a row so I thought I rest things up.  Knee felt a bit sore today.

Thursday - Charlestown, RI - 3.1 miles

Woke up to a light layer of snow on the ground.  With temps around 30 it made for a fun early morning dog jog.  Meant to get in a lunch run and have a decent day's mileage but work was too busy and it didn't happen.

Friday - East Providence, RI - 10 miles

I wanted to make up for not running at lunch yesterday with a big run today.  I mapped out loopish route, hoping it would get me around 10 miles. After a couple miles I decided to check out a short trail at Hunts Mill that I've never explored.  I encountered a running in the woods - turned out to be Chris Fox who came in 7th and helped the Rhode Runners in the Resolution 5k.  We had seen each other at local races but never really met.  We chatted for a couple miles about the few local trail spots before he peeled off and headed home.  I kept going and took roads the rest of the way, stretching out the route to what I hoped would be 10 miles.  It worked though I had to hit a few side roads to get there.  Forgot to wear my knee band thing and the knee felt a bit off at various points but overall a great run.

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 7.7 miles

A winter storm approaches but today was a beautiful warm day!  I mixed the dog's daily jog with some extra miles tacked on afterwards.  First Oliver and I did the standard Narragansett trail loop - it was mushy, slushy fun.  Brought the beast back to the house after about 3.5 miles and dried him off.  Then I went back out and ran more of our common dog jog roads.  In the neighborhood up near Kickapoo my ankle began to ache and I cut back through the woods to the house.  A good run but the sudden ankle pain was annoying. 

Weekly Mileage: 33.3 miles

Year to Date: 87.8 miles

Nice to get back to above 30 for the week.  With the approaching blizzard and the sudden sore ankle I'm not sure if I'll duplicate it next week though.

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