Thursday, January 8, 2015

Weekly Log: 1.5.15 - 1.11.15

Tough going back to work after twelve days off.  Still, one positive is a return to routine.  I mean to get back into the regular lunch run, even if they're shorter than previously.  And even though winter appears to finally be here in force.

We also have the Resolution 5k this weekend.  I'm feeling better about racing thanks to the Old Mountain 5k.  I'm still not sure how I'll do on the sand portion but I'm looking forward to another fun race with the crew.

Monday - East Providence, RI - 4.3 miles

Back to the grind and I definitely wanted to get out for a run to "unofficially" start 2015 on the right note.  Went over the bridge and ran the Blackstone Park trails. Cold and very breezy so I thought tights were appropriate for this short, easy run but I was overheating by the end.  Of course after a few days of positive running my knee would hurt, but now I'm wondering if the cold weather has an effect on it?

Tuesday - 0 miles

It's been a few months since I made my way over to the yoga studio for $5 lunch yoga.  Today was the day and my absence showed.  All those downward dogs wore me out and I actually had to take a break at points.  Still it was a welcome return and the savasana at the end was especially mellow and wonderful.

Wednesday - East Providence, RI - 5 miles

80 push-ups (standard) 20/20/20/20

Sweet tap dancing Christ I did some push-ups!  While my back/arm/numb finger thing is still going on, I decided to try some push-ups this morning, hoping they were less impact than the pull-ups which got me in this mess.  It would appear so - I was able to bang out a couple sets, though it was hard work.

At lunch I went over to the Ten Mile River Bikepath.  I stayed probably 75% on trails but kept to the path for stretches.  It was definitely tights weather today and the wind was chilly at times.  All in all a really enjoyable run.  The trails had a light crisp layer of snow and I was able to maintain a peppy sub-8 pace on 'em.  A true winter run and my knee felt good throughout!

Thursday - Charlestown/East Providence, RI - 4.5 miles

I told Amanda last night that I'd take the dog out this morning, knowing it was going to be cold.  And cold it was.  1 degree to be precise.  We kept it short as neither of us wanted to be out there for long.  My only exposed skin was around my eyes but every time the wind blew it felt like an ice cream headache on my face.  Oliver did his business, we did a quick loop on Arbutus and called it a day.

Went for a short run at lunch, just along nearby roads and the trail along the water.  Not frigid like this morning but still cold!  The Seekonk River is all frozen over which is cool to see.  Knee started to jank out a bit on the last trail section so I wrapped it up early.  One can't be too careful when things are looking up.

Friday - 0 miles

Initially I had told myself that there'd be no running today since the knee was a bit achy at the end of yesterday's run.  But when the snow was falling I was sorely tempted to get out there for a few miles.  Ultimately I stayed in the office and read a new Stephen King novel.  Cautious or lazy?  You be the judge.

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - Resolution 5k - 7.5 miles

Report forthcoming.

Weekly Mileage: 21.4 miles

Year to Date: 29.6 miles

Positive week of running that ended with a great race.  Let's hope it continues into next week.

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  1. It always makes me chuckle that down dog is a resting pose... I felt those and a few sun salutations from Tuesday on Wednesday.