Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Log: 12.29.14 - 1.4.15

End of the year!  With the week off from work I hope to get in a couple shorter runs and finish the year strong.

Monday - 0 miles

No major pain in my knee after yesterday's 12 mile group run at Barn Island.  That's a positive development.  Still I wanted to keep it slow and steady so I opted to just walk the dog today instead.

Tuesday - Charlestown, RI - 5.6 miles

Headed over to the Carter Preserve at lunchtime.  I did a counterclockwise loop on the outermost trails.  Beautiful day out there.  I ventured down to the train tracks again and was happy to finally see a train go by.  I didn't explore on the other side though.

Wednesday - Charlestown, RI - 4.1 miles

Last day of the year and I definitely wanted to finish the year on the right note.  Donned the tights for the first time this season as it was in the 20s.  Knee was a little achy by the end.

Thursday - South Kingstown, RI - 4.4 miles

Might as well start the new year off right as well!  I figured there'd be a good amount of folks hiking the DuVal trail today and there were some but I think the frigid winds kept plenty of them away.  It was about 30 degrees but the wind made it pretty damn cold.  Passed a few unleashed dogs and Garvin's recent encounters gave me pause but luckily they were friendly beasts.

Friday - 0 miles

After three days of running in a row I thought it best to take it easy today.  We headed up to Boston to the Children's Museum and had a fun time as our Christmas vacation nears its end.

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - Charlestown, RI - 3.8 miles

Strange weather.  Yesterday it was snowing for a few hours and made the roads pretty shitty in the early evening.  This morning the snow is gone and it's 40 degrees outside.  Took Oliver out for a jog before we ventured to Ikea.  We headed down Old Coach Road to South Farm and ran the trails there.  Ran into a couple off-leash dogs which were a pain in the ass.  This was the last day of my Christmas break.  Tomorrow I return to the grind.

Weekly Mileage: 17.9 miles
2014 Mileage Final Tally: 1,720.9
Year to Date: 8.2 miles

A low mileage week but my knee felt pretty good overall!  Slow and steady progress but hopefully I can keep the mileage in upper teens/twenties for a couple weeks and it will continue to improve.  My mileage for the year was just over 1700 so this is the first time I didn't surpass the previous year's total (1803 last year.)  It's due to the knee of course so hopefully I'll get back to it soon and maybe take a shot at 2000 for 2015.

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