Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Log: 1.26.15 - 2.1.15

Snow!  With a blizzard bearing down on us to start the week, I'm not sure how the runs will pan out.  We'll see...

Monday - 0 miles

Went up to Providence for two hours, sent myself some files and stuff I needed and then returned to South County before the snow began in earnest.  I would've liked to have fit a run in on the way back home but my ankle is really sore from yesterday's run.  Decided to be smart and rest it.

Tuesday - 0 miles

Spent the day shoveling, working from home and enjoying the blizzard.  Luckily the snow was light and didn't cling to branches or powerlines.   The fear of no electricity was never realized though we were prepared for it.

Wednesday - Charlestown, RI - 8 miles

The storm over and our driveway plowed, I spent another day working from home.  At lunchtime I took Old Coach up to Biscuit City before heading back and then up to the Nordic Lodge.  Roads weren't in great condition with lots of snowy/slushy sections.  I wore the yaktrax for the first time this season and they served me well.  Fun run and it was beautiful out there.  Ankle felt alright and I forgot to wear my knee band again but the knee was okay too.  Dare I say that I'm finally getting better?

Thursday - 0 miles

So much for getting better.  I've got an acute pain in the back of my knee.  Definitely a different feeling than the normal janky knee feeling but it's enough to make me think I shouldn't run today.  Also my arm/finger discomfort stemming from my hurt neck is particularly annoying today.

Friday - Seekonk, RI - 5 miles

Knee felt better and even though I didn't have any desire I forced myself out for a run.  I went over to the wide quiet streets of Seekonk.  I found a neighborhood of fancy houses.  The streets had a good amount of packed snow on them and they made for good running.  I thought about bringing the Yaktrax but opted not too and I was fine in just my trail shoes.   33 degrees and a few flurries made it a really enjoyable run.

My doctor's office called as I had an x-ray done for my painful neck/arm thing.  Apparently it might be "nerve narrowing" which doesn't sound too good.  An MRI will probably be the next step.

Saturday - 0 miles

Sunday - 0 miles

I went roller skating with the girls yesterday.  I haven't been in years and of course today my janky knee is feeling the effects.  I decided to play it smart and take another day off.  Of course, then we got a killer snowtube and I built a gnarly jump at the end.  Took a mighty digger and of course I landed right on Jank McStank.  Seems alright but yikes that was close.

Weekly mileage: 13 miles

Year to date: 100.3 miles

So a pretty lackluster week thanks to the blizzard and more aches 'n pains.  With another storm set for Monday we'll see what next week brings.

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