Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Log: 10.5.15 - 10.11.15

Falling behind on the weekly blog reports.  Looks like the blog blahs have finally hit me.  I'll try to get up to speed as I had a big adventure in the second half of this week up in the White Mountains.  Three days of backpacking the Pemi Loop!

Monday - Cranston, RI - 6.5 miles

After work I returned to the Cranston Middle School to explore the trails that run alongside I-295.  After studying the map last time I knew where I had gone wrong and so this time I found the trails along the top of the canyon easily.  Great views up there of the highway below.  Definitely a party spot.  I followed the trail as it led down alongside the highway and there's a brief sketchy section of trail where you're basically running next to the freeway.  Then a guardrail appears and you descend and are able to cross under the busy roads.  The other side of the highway was the marquis event with a long stretch of dirt road, a hilly powerline section, more good views of the highway and a twisty singletrack network.  I explored for a while but darkness was approaching so I returned to the car.  Glad I brought a headlamp as I needed it towards the end.  Fun place and I'm looking forward to returning.

Tuesday - East Providence, RI - 7.7 miles

I needed an oil change so I dropped the car off and ran back to the office.  Then in the afternoon I did a run through the East Side of Providence before looping back and picking up the cart.

Wednesday - 0 miles

Thursday - Lincoln, NH - 13 miles

Day one of Pemi Loop hike.  Report forthcoming (hopefully)

Friday - Lincoln, NH - 12 miles

Day two of Pemi Loop hike.  Report forthcoming (hopefully)

Saturday - Lincoln, NH - 12 miles

Day three of Pemi Loop hike.  Report forthcoming (hopefully)

Sunday - Waterville Valley, NH - 4 miles

I'll try to detail the adventures of the first three days in a separate post.  On my last day in the Whites, I decided to tackle a smaller mountain before heading home.  I drove down the Kang and hiked up to Mt. Potash.  Trail wasn't too difficult and the views at the top were well worth it.  Foliage in full effect.  I met a couple guys briefly on the way up but there was a steady stream of folks I passed on the way down.  By the time I returned to the parking lot it was packed with cars.

Ledges near the Potash summit

View of the Sandwich region

View of the Pemigewasett Wilderness

Weekly Mileage: 55.1 miles
Year to Date: 1,556.8 miles

Sure most of this mileage was actually hiking but it was still hard work and with over 12k feet of elevation you'd better believe I'm counting it!

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