Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Log: 2.29.16 - 3.6.16

Monday - 0 miles

6:17 of Planks (Elbow - 2:17 / Left straight arm - 1:12 / Right straight arm- 0:59 / Straight arm - 1:16 / Elbow - 0:33)

I had a good lunch yoga session to start off the week.

Tuesday - 0 miles

6:10 of Planks (Elbow - 2:16 / Left straight arm - 1:13 / Right straight arm- 0:52 / Straight arm - 1:15 / Elbow - 0:34)

Strange how close the numbers were to yesterday.  I've added another elbow plank at the end in order to bring the full plank time to six minutes.  I'd like to stick to six minutes of straight planking for the week.

I went to the orthopedic doc today to get the status of my ankle.  They took some x-rays, he felt the bone and his conclusion was that it's probably a pre-stress fracture.  The only remedy is time and that means taking 6-8 weeks off from running.  Bah.  Guess I'll need to look into other forms of exercise for a while.  Maybe I'll take up cycling.  Ha!  These roads would eat me alive.

Wednesday - 0 miles

6:07 of Planks (Elbow - 2:33 / Left straight arm - 1:14 / Right straight arm- 0:52 / Straight arm - 1:06 / Elbow - 0:22)

I should probably quit it with the mileage thing for each day since I've resigned myself to not running for a while.  I went to Lunch Yoga again today.  I imagine I'll be going more often now.  I'm thinking seriously about bringing a bike up here.  The office is pretty close to several bike paths so I could almost probably definitely make it to one of them without killing myself.

Thursday - 0 miles

6:13 of Planks (Elbow - 2:18 / Left straight arm - 1:00 / Right straight arm- 0:47 / Straight arm - 1:23 / Elbow - 0:45)

Hope you're having a planktastic day, 'cause that's all this blog is going to be about from now on!

Friday - 0 miles

6:12 of Planks (Elbow - 3:26 / Left straight arm - 1:11 / Right straight arm- 0:48 / Straight arm - 0:47)

New Plank PR of 3:26!  Knew it was going to be a good effort as soon as I started.  At lunch I went to Yoga.  Three yoga sessions this week - a new record.  And probably the new normal for a while.

Saturday - South Kingstown, RI - 3 miles

I went for a hike in the Crawley Preserve.  Not much to speak of but it was a lovely day and the streams were flowing.  Ankle was fine which was good to see.  So long as I don't run I should be able to stay active.

Sunday - 0 miles

6:06 of Planks (Elbow - 2:12 / Left straight arm - 0:48 / Right straight arm- 0:48 / Straight arm - 1:43 / Elbow - 0:35)

Weekly Mileage: 3 miles
Year to Date: 107.5 miles

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  1. Awesome plank progress!!!!

    Awwwww.... biking will help with cardio, and it will get you outside, PLUS, and here's the REALY fun part, bike shorts!! You could try high action Cyclo Cross, but the possiblity of falling off the bike could make a mess of your ankle. What about some Mt. Biking, not that there are any actual mountains in RI, but you can still get out on the trails?